How Do I Remove a Background in GIMP?

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layer—>transparency–> add alpha channel
use fuzzy select tool (magic wand looking thing) to select white background
edit—> cut
in your layers window verify there are no other layers (if not visible its accessible through windows->dockable dialogues–>layers

How to Convert DRM-Protected Kindle eBooks Using Calibre


I’ve personally found this method to work (Windows + Kindle desktop app) in 2016calibre-logo:

1. Install all the software you require (Kindle Windows app, Calibre, DeDRM plugin, Python, and pycrypto)
2. Open the Kindle app for windows and login. let it download a copy of your book to the computer. This book will be in the “My Kindle Content” folder that you’ll find in your Documents folder.
3. Open Calibre and then install the DeDRM Plugin from Preferences>Plugins>Load plugin from file
4. After it’s installed, it will be highlighted. Click on “Customize plugin” and a Configuration dialogue box will open.
5. Select “Kindle for Mac/PC ebooks” and another dialogue box will open. It will most likely be blank (no keys shown.)
6. Click the green + button to create a new key. a dialogue box will open with an already suggested “default_key” in the input field. click OK.
It will be added to the list of keys and it will be the only one you see. Click Close and then OK to exit both dialogues.
7. Now we have a key added to Calibre. try opening Calibre with debug mode (so you can see if DeDRM worked) by opening Command Prompt and typing “calibre-debug -g”. Calibre will open normally, but command prompt will remain running too.
8. Locate the book you downloaded (“My Kindle Content” folder) Drag and drop it to calibre. Once it is imported, go to command prompt and you should see something like
“Decrypting. Please wait . . . . done
Decryption succeeded after 0.1 seconds”
Then as a proof of success, your ebook should open up when you double-click on it in Calbre!

Source: https://apprenticealf.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/drm-removal-tools-for-ebooks/

“Build A Law Site” – WordPress-Powered Websites for Lawyers in 24 Hours


buildalawsite-logoIn today’s and age of the internet, it appears that everyone needs a strong online presence. Lawyers especially need that extra “oomph” when marketing themselves to clients, but not every lawyer shockingly has the financial means to afford a full-fledged website, which can easily run into the thousands of dollars depending on the desired features. Not only that, but building a website can take weeks, if not months, to build.

Enter “Build a Law Site.” Build a Law Site allows a lawyer to have a professionally built website built within 24 hours, utilizing the popular, easy-to-use WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

Build a Law Site offers a competitive package: starting at only $49 a month, a small-to-medium size lawyer (or a fresh out of school law student) can have his/her own professional, mobile-responsive website, which includes web hosting, for a mere fraction of the cost it would cost elsewhere. In short, it’s an amazing deal.

So, if you’re a lawyer looking for the best budget-friendly website money can buy, look no further. Sign up and build a law site today!

Member of the Internet – Granny from Humans of New York


Best. Quote. Ever.

"I've got a couple friends who are members of the internet. They are complete fiends on that thing. Personally, I have no interest."

“I’ve got a couple friends who are members of the internet. They are complete fiends on that thing. Personally, I have no interest.”

Source: HONY

Here are some “Members of the internet:”

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Courtesy: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6670326/the-internet-justice-league

Here are some others:







RBI Baseball 15 and Developing For IOS vs Android – Which Comes First?


rbi15-logoI love baseball video games. I really do. So much in fact that I was looking forward to RBI Baseball 15 to come out with an Android version at launch. I was saddened to realize that of all the platforms to offer it on, it’s not available on Android and there’s no apparent timetable to when it will come out.

A bit of a confession here: I was an iPhone user until this past year when I switched to Android for personal reasons. When I was utilizing an iPhone 5, I was able to enjoy RBI 14 last year before the Android version came out and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Now that I’m utilizing an Android phone, it caused me to reflect on why a video game maker would not offer the game to Android users first.

To me, the logic is straightforward. Android devices have a larger marketshare than iOS devices, though iOS has admittedly gained ground lately. It’s worth noting that this is the first time Android devices were matched up with iOS devices in terms of sales since 2012. To offer the game to iPhone users first, and then to the larger Android audience to me makes no business sense. I would think that it would make sense if they first appealed to Android users, and then earn enough capital to cater to the more niche devices such as iOS.

I also saw that they put the game out on XBOX One, PS4 and PC/Mac via Steam. I can see a market for PC/Mac/XBOX users, but $19.99 is a bit much in my opinion especially when the iOS version of the game costs $4.99. I also personally don’t “get” why they would market to PS4 users that already have, and are in love, with a game that has much better graphics: MLB The Show. Perhaps RBI wishes to cater to that audience that can afford a high-end gaming console but wants old-fashioned gameplay. Still, which is more important, that audience or the visibly frustrated Android audience?

This doesn’t only apply with RBI. This applies with all App manufacturers.

Just my 2c. I hope to see an Android version of the game come out soon.

Facebook – How to Change Share Preview Image

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You will need to resubmit the URL via: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/

Once that’s done, Facebook will update. Nice and easy right?

How to Hardcode Subtitles using VLC and rendered MP4 files



VLC  is one of my favorite video tools. It’s cross-platform, works with a multitude of file types and is loaded with options and features. One feature that is very useful is adding subtitles to your video project.


First off you need a finished video project sans subtitles. In my work environment, that usually means rendering video to MP4 for publication to Youtube  using an NLE like Sony Vegas Pro . With rendered video in hand the only thing left is to create a subtitle file. For that I’ve had good results with subtitleeditor  in Linux, but there are a lot of tools available. What I like about subtitleeditor is the ability to use a waveform for timings. Open the video, build an audio track, and start subtitling. Save the results as an SRT file and you’re ready to move to VLC.


In VLC, I first go to simple settings (VLC—Tools—Preferences) and find the Subtitles/OSDtab. I change the Force Subtitle Position field to -20 px which positions the subtitles a little lower on the bottom of the screen. You can experiment with this based on your video. After making the change, I save the settings

Next I switch to advanced settings (VLC—Tools—Preferences; find the radio box at bottom left and switch show settings to All). Select from the left:

Video, expand the Subtitles/OSD entry and choose Text renderer

I suggest the following changes but you can experiment to find an optimal look for your project:

Font: Arial
Fontsize: 36
Force bold (checked)
Background Opacity: 100
Text default: Leave White
Background default: Leave Black
Select ‘Save

Final Rendering:

Now we are ready to re-render the video with subtitles. This will read your original MP4 as an input file, read your SRT file with its timings, and burn the subtitles into a new MP4 file. The result will be a smaller, subtitled file with the same quality as the original. In my test, I completed the second render in 10% of the time as the first render out of Sony.
Select: Media…Convert/Save
(Add) The file name of your video file (MP4)
(Check) Use a subtitles file
(Browse) to the file name of your subtitles file (SRT)
Select: Media…Convert/Save; Click on downarrow;
Select Convert
…Key in Destination file
…Select tool icon from Settings—Profile
Select Subtitles tab
Check “Overlay subtitles on video
Select ‘Save‘ (this setting will be remembered for future renders)
Select ‘Start‘ (I use the default H.264 + MP3) settings.
It is fast. A 30 render in Vegas with multiple m2ts file taking about 30 minutes, was re-rendered in 4 minutes and produced a 500MB MP4 file.

How to: Adding a Featured Image in WordPress


wordpress-logo-teal1. In functions.php:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

2. To display featured images in your theme, you need to edit your templates and add this line of code where you want to display the featured image:

3. To set custom size in functions.php:

set_post_thumbnail_size( 50, 50);

4. To add additional image sizes:

// Image size for single posts
add_image_size( ‘single-post-thumbnail’, 590, 180 );

5. Here is how to call a custom image size:

Special thanks to: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-add-featured-image-or-post-thumbnails-in-wordpress/