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Disconnected: My year without the Internet

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For those that rather watch or listen to the interview here is the link. Disconnected: My year without the Internet

Why You Shouldn’t Run Facebook Contests

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From Both target issues and TOS should make you think twice about running Facebook contests.

IMHO this is brilliant.

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The Secret To Twitter

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From The real secret to Twitter is not how much you tweet, it’s what.

This is very down-to-earth. Love it.

Some notes: – not followers, or retweets. Rather, how many tweets are replies?
User cloud. “Thanks,” “great,” “good.”

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Infographic: How Badly Do We Behave on Social Media?

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Where have you seen the most offensive stuff – Reddit, YouTube or Facebook? I’m sure most of you would guess YouTube, where people are hidden behind anonymous IDs and have zero reason to hold back on their worst thoughts. A great social experiment will one day be done comparing our sentiment on the various social networks, but until that day we have a smart study by Salesforce Rypple which looks at our behavior on social media.

There are a few shockers – 44% of adults encounter “mean or cruel behavior” on social networks “once in a while,” while 41% of teens will “sometimes” tell an offensive person to stop when they see the activity. Most uplifting is that 79% of teens will never join in the mean or offensive behavior once it’s started. There are some good stats in here.

Kudos to Rypple for the insight.

The Oatmeal Fights Legal Threat, Raises $20,000 in an Hour

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Image Courtesy of What, do you think I would stoop so low as to not give credit where credit is due? If so, then you know me too well! 🙂

Rule #1 with the Web: Don’t mess with the Oatmeal.

Almost a year ago, the wildly popular comics artist, whose real name is Matthew Inman, wrote an angry blog post against humor aggregator website FunnyJunk, deriding the platform for allowing (and ad-serving) uncredited images of his work.

FunnyJunk fired back Monday with a letter claiming defamation — and asked for $20,000 in damages.

Naturally, Inman then wrote an even angrier blog post that annotates the legal request. In addition to calling the claims “fiction” and the lawyer, media attorney Charles Carreon, a “jackass,” he carefully detailed his plan to respond to the letter:

  1. I’m going to try and raise $20,000 in donations.
  2. I’m going to take a photo of the raised money.
  3. I’m going to mail you that photo, along with this drawing of your mom seducing a kodiak bear
  4. I’m going to take the money and donate one half to the National Wildlife Federation and the other half to the American Cancer Society

In just over an hour, “Operation: Bearlove Good. Cancer Bad” already reached its $20,000 goal on IndieGoGo and is still climbing. At time of writing, the figure has broken past the $30,000 mark and is growing like crazy.

“Holy s*** $20,000 in 64 minutes! YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING,” writes Inman on his fundraiser page.

Thanks to Mashable for the leak.

Important Tips on How to Develop a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

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The following was posted by a high ranking Social Media Marketing company in Toronto,

How to Develop a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign – Part 1 – Facebook

There is a lot of discussion on the importance of Social Media Marketing. This article will explain how to build your Facebook business profile and provide some tricks to make it more “likeable” by Facebook‘s users.

If you go to the Facebook profiles of major brands, you will see that they all have clever and playful layout which grabs the attention.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Custom Name and Photo

Recent Facebook updates have opened up more space for users’ creativity and profile customization. Your new cover photo which will appear on your Timeline will tell users about your company even more than one might think. It can be a logo or another eye-catching and colorful picture which will draw attention of Facebook‘s users. Make certain to take advantage of these new features on Facebook.

Social media marketing – Facebook: Profile Picture and Thumbnail

Facebook‘s profile picture and thumbnail are the best places for your logo. Your logo appears every time you update your news feed or comment on news on other Social Media Networks. Show your customers and potential clients that you stay up to date with current news and interact with the world while using Social Media Networks.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: About

Don’t forget to add a short but “straight to the point” description about your company, industry and what your core business is about. When Facebook’s users click an “about” button, they will see more detailed information about your company: mission, company’s overview and description. As “basic info” you can add a company’s major historical dates or milestones that have been reached, awards your company have received; products and contact information. Apart from your website, Social Media Networks and channels are another way to tell the world why your business stands apart from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Style

What makes one brand differ from another? Consumers tend to associate various colors shades and styles with certain brands. Therefore, it’s important for your brand to raise awareness among your customers through using particular color shades and one style on various Social Media Networks.

How to Develop a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign – Part 2 – Facebook

We are presenting a series of articles on Social Media Marketing and how to make it work for your website. Each article will focus on one Social Media Channel and various tools and techniques which are essential in building a successful virtual presence through Social Media. Our first article dealt with making a creative and attractive profile on Facebook and can be read here (Source:

Social Media Marketing has become an essential part of any corporate marketing strategy. In this article we will talk about new Facebook features that will help your business enhance your Social Media Marketing initiatives.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Give Your Feature Post a Star

If you “star” a post on your timeline, it expands to widescreen. With this new feature, you can highlight the posts (e.g. about your recent deals and offers, new products and services) that are important for your business and they will definitely grab the attention of Facebook’s users.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Pin a Post

Another headlined post is a “pinned” post! Pin a post to the top of your timeline and it will stay there for 7 days. What will your company gain from a pinned post? It will save you time because you will no longer have to update the same post again and again. Instead, just pin your featured deal or an offer and make the Social Media Channel work for you.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Be a Responsible Admin

If you wanted to see the real outcome of your Social Media Marketing presence, the new Facebook admin panel is exactly what you were waiting for. Now with this new feature you will be able to view notifications and new “likes”, respond to messages from Facebook’s users, and view your page insights along with other useful features. Facebook is becoming increasingly business friendly further helping companies to manage their Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Organize Your Views and Apps

You can manage all views and apps (e.g. likes, notes, videos or even your customized apps) appearing on your Facebook profile. Swap their positions (note that you can’t move the photo view), so the most important ones will appear on the first row, while others will be shown if Facebook’s users click an “expand” button. is an internet advertising agency specializing in Social Media Marketing. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and service the GTA and all of Canada. We also serve clients in the U.S. and parts of Latin America.

How to Develop a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign – Part 3 – Facebook

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: How to Increase “Likes”

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: How to Get More “Likes” For Your Fan Page

If you ask a Social Media Marketing specialist about the best ways to get more “Likes” on your Facebook fan page, you will probably hear the same answer: 1) having a “Like” button or a “Fanbox” on your website, blog or other Social Media Channels 2) include a link to your Facebook page in your electronic signature 3) allowing your fans to leave comments with their Facebook accounts on your website or blog.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Using the “@” Symbol

By adding the “@” symbol, you can reach even a wider audience. Every time you respond to a comment or announce a winner of the recent contest, write an “@” symbol before the user’s name and your comment will then appear on his or her page.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: a “Win-Win” Situation

It is important to provide active users who “like” your page with various incentives such as special deals and discounts. Make your communication interactive and fun! Run a contest, quiz, promotion or a giveaway for your fans on Facebook, and reward them.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Apps

Add an “Invite Your Friends” tab, “My TOP Fans” app to announce your superfans, “FAQ” tab, “Forum for Pages” tab to generate discussion, import your content from a blog through “RSS Feed” app or from a YouTube Channel through “YouTube for Pages” app, add your Pinterest, Twitter, Google + accounts to your Facebook page.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook: Promote

Integrate with other Social Media Channels, promote your page in-store, and ask friends, family and colleagues to “Like” your page!

You can read iRISEmedia’s blog to learn more about ways to improve your Social Media Marketing Campaign. is an internet advertising agency specializing in Social Media Marketing. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and service the GTA and all of Canada. We also serve clients in the U.S. and parts of Latin America.

How to Develop a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign – Part 4 – Twitter

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Leverage your Website

Once you set an account on Twitter and create an appealing profile, your next step is to attract and maintain followers. Make sure that you add a widget to your website or a blog as well as add a link to your Twitter account in email signature.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Using the @ Symbol

Twitter is a real-life communication: add @name in your tweet, so you will personalize interaction and show others that you pay attention to their tweets; share the links of the news, articles, videos, blogs and photos with your followers; retweet your followers and experts in your field; add value to information you retweet or ask a question.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Using the # Symbol

Take advantage of the hashtag symbol. It is a powerful tool to organize tweets. By adding #Subject in your tweet, you can make them more searchable. Through keywords, events and trending topics, users can find you if they are interested in the same subject.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Twitter Lists

Create a public list of people you recommend. Through setting Twitter lists, you can follow the most recent trends in your field as well as have a chance to interact with experts and get to know the right people. Your goal is to be listed on other users’ lists.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Incentives

Running a Social Media Marketing Campaign (e.g. special offers, discounts, deals, and contests) is one of the most effective ways to attract new and keep current followers engaged.

Social Media Marketing – Twitter: Useful Apps enables you to find and follow users who share your interests. Through app you will be able to set your schedule of tweets which you want to repeat over and over again. Organize your followers and tweets through application. Get involved in a conversation which matters to you through