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3 Ways on how to Prevent Your Website from Being Seen on Search Engines

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Most sites show how to ensure that your website is seen online. However, some, for whatever strange reason don’t want to be seen on search engines. I’ve therefore put together this parody. Here are some ways to ensure that your website is not seen on search engines at all:

  1. When including WordPress functionality on your static pages, include wp-blog-header.php rather than wp-load.php

    This was a mistake recently done on a client’s website in an attempt to integrate WordPress blog posts with a static site. To include wordpress functions, include the file path with wp-load.php, which contains all the functions. wp-blog-header also contains the functions from wp-load.php, but it also apparently checks if the static page is in its page database (which it isn’t) and therefore returns a 404 Page Not Found error. That’s one quick way for Google to say that your page doesn’t exist!

  2. Password-protect your webpages.

    A while back Rupert Murdoch announced that he would do just that as his pages were deemed too valuable for public use. Should you want to prevent pages from being indexed due to privacy concerns, it’s best to password-protect those pages.  That way, when Google’s spiders search the web, your page will not be seen.

  3. Use the exact same page title, meta keyword and meta description tags on each webpage.

    Doing this will tell Google that each page of yours is a exact duplicate of the previous one. Also, having a unique title, meta keyword and description tag (as well as an H1 tag) causes your page to rank higher instantly. So, don’t do that if you don’t want your site to be SEO’d.

Are these techniques mistakes? It all depends on how you look at it.

Matt Cutts – WordCamp 2007 talk: Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers

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By the way, if you enjoyed Matt Cutts’ “Straight from Google: What You Need to Know talk from WordCamp 2009,” you might also enjoy his “WordCamp 2007 talk: Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers.”

For convenience, here’s the video below:

And here are the slides from the 2007 WordCamp talk:

Not everyone has seen this talk, so I hope folks enjoy this talk from 2007!