Email Marketing

How to Create Marketing Emails that Get Read

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Email-MarketingPeople do not like or want marketing emails. Even the people who sign up for them are not going to read them with the consistency that marketing company hope they will. You may spend hours working on your marketing email, but there is a chance that many of your mail list entries are going to give it a glance at best. Most of them are going to ignore it, which may lead you to the conclusion that spending less time on your email is a good idea, which is a bad idea. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Spend a Lot of Time on Your Emails

Yes, a lot of people are only going to glance at your email and a
lot of them are going to ignore it, and yes this means that a lot of your time is wasted, but not all of your time is wasted. You are not creating your email for the people who ignore it. You are creating your email for the few people who take the time to read it. These are the people you need to win over because if you prove that your email is worth reading then there is a chance your viewer may read another one. If your email is a quick-hash effort then you are just going to convince people not to read your emails in the future.

2. Learn How to Stay Out of the Junk Mail Folder

This article is not going to go into the many techniques for staying out of the junk mail folder. That is for another article, but staying out of it is part of the battle. But, do not be too dismayed if your emails do end up in there, as many people use the junk mail folder as a pseudo-less-urgent file. For example, a lot of people have YouTube subscriptions but do not want to come back off holiday and see their inbox full of the new YouTube video updates, so they have them sent to their junk mail folder. They are not important enough so that it matters if the system deletes them, but they are mildly interesting and will be looked at now and again. If your emails fall into this category then be grateful. It could be worse, as you could have been blocked.

Start with a Hook and Offer Semi-Instant Gratification

If you are going to use a hook then you need to reel them in right away. So many people make the mistake of putting a hook at the top of the email and then making the user read to the bottom before finding out what they want. This is a mistake and is the fastest way to make your annoyed and frustrated reader block you forever. If you are going to give them a hook then give them instant gratification. If your email subject line and title says, “30% off discount code” then give them the code right after the title.

Consider a Hook with the Subject Line

Only consider the hook with your subject line, as people are used to having a hook in the subject line. They are used to the hook being a big nothing, so be careful in your considerations. They are only effective in most cases if you are stood in a very good standing with the reader.

Be Upfront with Your Subject Line

Some people think that being vague on the subject line is something good–it isn’t! This is the Internet, and people are so inoculated against such tactics that they automatically know to treat your message with disdain. Just be honest and up-front about what your email contains. If the user decides that they don’t want your discount for your products, then they would not have wanted it anyway, even if they had opened the email, so you have not lost anything by being upfront. You may have even made your emails a little bit “less” of an inconvenience.

Stop with the Flashing and the Moving

Say this header in a Jewish accent for the best effect. It also better explains it if you think of an old Jewish man complaining about the flashing and the silent blinging graphics. In other words, tone it down as if you were dying your Hawaiian shirt grey. The big flashy emails went out the same time that modems did. There is no need to gain the attention of your viewers like cereal boxes gain the attention of kids in a supermarket. The user is already looking at the screen, so unless he or she has a monkey dancing on his desk, then he or she is going to look at and notice your page. There is no need to light up the screen like a senior citizens trip to Vegas.