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Apple Mac’s (Macintosh’s) Task Manager

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This is possibly one of the most frustrating issues when switching over to a Macintosh Computer from a Windows PC. How does one get the task manager in case an application freezes and one wants to kill that application?

  1. Try Activity Monitor in Applications => Utilities – BEST.
  2. Or if you just want a simple way to quit programs, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and select Force Quit (the keyboard shortcut would be Command + Option + Esc).
  3. Don’t forget the “heads up” task switcher. Press CMD+TAB together and you will get a clever task switching display. You can switch now by continuing to hold down CMD and use the arrow keys to move between the available applications. Windows has a similar function… ALT+TAB.

Keep in mind that with an Apple computer you rarely will need to use the Task Manager, but just in case…

iPhone FourSquare app displays ‘must give permission to see location’

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Derived from http://getsatisfaction.com/foursquare/topics/iphone_app_displays_must_give_permission_to_see_location_alert_7x

Download the most recent version. Have you tried to delete it and reinstall?

Also check the Settings on the iPhone. Go to Settings -> General -> Location and make sure Foursquare is set to On.

Apple Macs – Uninstall Microsoft Office?

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Note: Currently, the Remove Office tool is not available for Office 2011.

To remove Microsoft Office from your Mac OS X computer, use the Remove Office tool provided by Microsoft.

Note: The Remove Office tools will not delete documents you have created with Office programs unless they are located in the application folders for Microsoft Office. If you have documents you want to keep in any of the application folders, move them to a different folder before using the tool.

  1. To find the Remove Office tools, open the Microsoft Office 2008 folder or the Microsoft Office 2004 folder, and then open the Additional Tools folder.
  2. For instructions, read the Read Me file in the Remove Office folder.
  3. When you run Remove Office, it will allow you to remove installations of Microsoft Office 98 through 2008 as well as related preferences and system files. Once you have run the program, it places the removed Office components in the Trash.

There’s actually another great tool out there called “AppDelete.” This is a commercial tool that completely allows you to uninstall any program completely. Why Apple doesn’t have its own uninstaller like Microsoft Windows does I have no idea.

Apple Macintosh – Macbook Computer: Connect to Shared Windows Printer

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Recently I acquired an Apple Macbook and wanted to connect it to a shared Windows printer. Since Apple really stinks at networking compared to Microsoft Windows, focusing moreso on design and usability instead of playing well with Microsoft products, I finally found the solution from Macworld Hints:

“I’ve seen a lot of these hints on the Internet, but most of them didn’t work for me. This is how I managed to print to a shared Windows printer.

We’ll start by opening System Preferences, where we chose the Print & Fax preference pane. There you should see a list with all the printers you’ve currently installed. Click the ‘+’ button to add a new printer. This opens the Printer Browser. Then hold down the Option key and click More Printers; this lets you access the “Advanced” options from the first popup menu.

From the Device menu, select Windows Printer via SAMBA. You can chose the Device Name yourself, but the “Device URI” is a little bit more complicated. It should look like this:

smb://username:[email protected]/printername


  • username is the username of an account on the Windows computer.
  • password is the password of this user on the Windows computer.
  • computername is the network name of the computer
  • printername is the name under which the printer is shared on the Windows computer.

For example, suppose there is a windows account “rafi hecht” on the computer named “rafihecht-pc”, and the printer is called “HPPhoto”. Then you should type

smb://rafi%20hecht:[email protected]/HPPhoto

Finally, select the correct printer model, and click Add.

You should now be able to print to your shared printer.”

And Voila! It works.