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How to Batch-Resize Images in Photoshop

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Have you ever felt that a set of your images were too distorted in the same manner? How about if your images are very large in size (over 20 MB) and you want to send smaller samples to a client? Here’s what you do in Photoshop. For this example I’m using CS6 with Windows (I know, how could I, right?).

Record the action

With one of our images open we head to the Actions palette. You can get to this via Window > Actions. We want to create a new action.


Give your action a name and then hit ok.


You will see the red record button is now on, meaning that anything you do in Photoshop now will be recorded.



Resize the image byheading to Image > Image Size. I’m resizing my image to a width of 600 pixels wide. Then Save the Image for the Web by going to File > Save for Web and Devices.



Choose a different folder to save the optimized file into than your originals.


When saved close the original image and then click Stop on your action.

Automate it

Now you have your action we can use it to automate an entire folder of image. To do this go to File > Automate > Batch.


On the options you want to select your Action under Play – Action (pick the one you have just created). Then under Source choose Folder and then select your Source folder. Then you should be all set. Click OK and it will start to run through each of the images in your folder! Magic.


Here’s a video solution of how to do it (thanks to George Ornbo):

Batch resizing in Photoshop from George Ornbo on Vimeo.

Other tools

Another small, lightweight tool I like to use is something called PixResizer, which does a nice job of batch-resizing images. The only thing is that it maintains image parameters, which is a problem when you want to batch-distort images.