eBay – How to Get Seller Contact Information

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Ever wondered how to get contact information from somebody you bought an item since Email is too cold and impersonal? Or, are you just frustrated with your item not coming as fast as you’d like? If so, then you probably want to contact the seller by phone.

This was taken straight from http://pages.ebay.ca/help/tp/know-seller-contact.html:

Be certain about your sellers’ identity by requesting their contact information directly from eBay.

Verifying a name, city, and phone number before you send payment can be helpful for feeling confident about your seller and following up later with a phone call if there is a problem.

The information you request will be sent in email to your registered eBay email address. This information can only be used in accordance with eBay’s Privacy Policy.

Note: The user whose information you are requesting will also receive your contact information.

If you have you requested your seller’s contact information and it is invalid, please review our contact information policy.”