Business Transactions

Get it in Writing – If it Ain’t Written, it Ain’t

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Over the span of my short career, I have had numerous requests and promises made to me by people with very friendly personalities. However, when push came to shove, either those promises were broken or requests had a lot of hidden features. When asking “why,” I was told more or less that nothing was in writing, therefore anything goes.

Getting something in writing protects you from these kinds of pitfalls. Having a written document, signed by the promisor not only ties him/her into making good lest you take them to court, but also lays out a guideline of items to do in case there is confusion between both parties.

Get it in writing. I can’t stress this enough. What is mentioned behind closed doors stays behind closed doors and cannot be proven when brought up again. If it ain’t written, it ain’t.

Clients – Dance!

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The customer is always right, so they say. With the economy being what it is and competition being fierce, employers are doing everything to make potential clients happy and clients sense this. Therefore, clients will do anything to take what they can for free and run.

I’ve seen cases where a client will ask something at the very end of the work day and it would be due before the new work day began. This could be a new client with a quote request, or an existing client asking for a favor that should have been asked a few hours prior. In other words, they’re asking us to dance to their tune.

What makes things worse is when the client demands a quote immediately, gets it, and takes his sweet time in getting back. More often than not, the client will end up going with someone else. This happens all the time. More hours wasted on preparing quotes. To make things worse, some demand service for free! AARGH!

When will there be a time when someone can say “no” to a client? Is money the ONLY factor in today’s day in age? What about a proper division of business and personal/family time?

I’m leaving this as an open ended question.