10 Cool Things You Need to Best Optimize Adwords Campaigns Today

10 Cool Things You Need to Best Optimize Adwords Campaigns Today


Adwords-logoIn my last few years managing Adwords accounts, I learned a few tricks and shortcuts. These are meant to not only make ones Adwords life easier but also more efficient when optimizing campaigns. Here are some of these tricks/tips.

1. Search All Accounts

Managing a ton of accounts? Need to find that one campaign/account? A small link called “Search All Accounts” in the MCC dashboard should help.

2. Adwords Editor

Adwords Editor becomes a huge resource when managing multiple campaigns by city, season, etc. and you need to do repetitive tasks like copying accounts over, or importing data from Excel, or setting a bulk keyword bid, etc. The sooner you utilize Adwords Editor, the easier your life will be.

3. Bulk Budgets

In Shared Library you can do Budgets. This helps consolidate many accounts of the same type so when doing budget adjustments, the time spent gets reduced to a fraction.

4. Filter, then increase/decrease bids

Need to reduce CPC in a jiffy and run through tens of thousands of keywords? No problem. Set up a filter (Create Filter) in Keywords for top impression share, then reduce by a certain percentage. Keep doing so daily to get your optimal number.

5. Lost Impression Share (IS)

Lost Impression Share will give you a good percentage of how many impressions a given keyword is missing. This can be due to low CPCs, limited budget or low quality score.

6. Est. 1st Page Bid

Incredibly valuable. This will tell you how much you need to spend to get your keyword on the page 1 of Google. You can risk having your CPCs a bit lower, but that means the keyword term will fall off of page 1 much of the time, and only on a few occasions will the Ad show up, generally at the bottom of Page 1. This then leads to a lower CPC which then causes the first-page bid to go even higher. It’s actually cheaper (relatively) to increase the keyword CPC to the Page 1 bid, and if you’re feeling adventurous, the “Top of Page” bid.

7. Display URL and On-Page SEO Mean Nothing

That’s correct – in terms of Adwords that is. Page load time and low bounce rate do. I admittedly used to think that on-page SEO caused higher quality score per keyword. I was wrong: low bounce rate does, and this usually is catalyzed by fast page-load time and if an offer is compelling enough for one to stay on the page and not “bounce.”

8. “Rotate Indefinitely” is Your Enemy

One of the campaign settings is “Rotate Indefinitely.” This is Adwords’ version of evil in my humble opinion. This causes all Ads to rotate evenly whether they are good or not. The bad ones when rotated will cause fewer CTRs, and thereby higher CPC’s. Avoid at all costs. If experimenting, use “rotate evenly” instead which serves to optimize Ads; otherwise, just do “optimize for clicks” – it’s easier.

9. Callout Extensions Are Your Friend

Callout Extensions is one of Google’s “latest and greatest” new features to roll out, especially now in Canada. Callout extensions contain compelling text that state “30% off until June 1st,” etc. Callout extensions differ from sitelinks in that sitelinks are physical links to other pages on ones site (though they can contain small descriptions with Advanced sitelinks), whereas callout extensions contain compelling text. Callout extensions can increase keyword CTR by up to 30% (source: don’t ask).

One bummer about Callout Extensions is that it isn’t available yet in Adwords Editor. This can be time consuming when dealing with tens of campaigns to copy them over. Perhaps Google will add this in a future version of Adwords Editor.

10. Learn Adwords’ API structure with Google Docs

Adwords’ API is supposed to automate/ease tasks better. What’s awesome here is that you can place data in a Google Docs spreadsheet and connect the two together. Not feeling up to learning the API from scratch? No problem. There are lots of free samples to copy/paste from from resources such as Search Engine Land.


So that’s it in a nutshell. Let me know how your Adwords experience has been today after reading these tips!