RBI Baseball 15 and Developing For IOS vs Android – Which Comes First?

RBI Baseball 15 and Developing For IOS vs Android – Which Comes First?


rbi15-logoI love baseball video games. I really do. So much in fact that I was looking forward to RBI Baseball 15 to come out with an Android version at launch. I was saddened to realize that of all the platforms to offer it on, it’s not available on Android and there’s no apparent timetable to when it will come out.

A bit of a confession here: I was an iPhone user until this past year when I switched to Android for personal reasons. When I was utilizing an iPhone 5, I was able to enjoy RBI 14 last year before the Android version came out and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Now that I’m utilizing an Android phone, it caused me to reflect on why a video game maker would not offer the game to Android users first.

To me, the logic is straightforward. Android devices have a larger marketshare than iOS devices, though iOS has admittedly gained ground lately. It’s worth noting that this is the first time Android devices were matched up with iOS devices in terms of sales since 2012. To offer the game to iPhone users first, and then to the larger Android audience to me makes no business sense. I would think that it would make sense if they first appealed to Android users, and then earn enough capital to cater to the more niche devices such as iOS.

I also saw that they put the game out on XBOX One, PS4 and PC/Mac via Steam. I can see a market for PC/Mac/XBOX users, but $19.99 is a bit much in my opinion especially when the iOS version of the game costs $4.99. I also personally don’t “get” why they would market to PS4 users that already have, and are in love, with a game that has much better graphics: MLB The Show. Perhaps RBI wishes to cater to that audience that can afford a high-end gaming console but wants old-fashioned gameplay. Still, which is more important, that audience or the visibly frustrated Android audience?

This doesn’t only apply with RBI. This applies with all App manufacturers.

Just my 2c. I hope to see an Android version of the game come out soon.