Free Picture Changes?

Free Picture Changes?

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caveman pull computer plugA client had a certain e-Commerce website set up a few years ago, and for various personal reasons kept the project on hold. She finally, out of the blue, emailed eight images for free uploading to corresponding products. My boss told me that if the edits won’t take to do them as a favor since the client was a friend, but if it takes too much time, to tell him so he can start charging.

Figuring that the image uploads (there were 8) were to take less than 10 minutes, I was about to upload them until I noticed that the images had no corresponding products associated. In addition, the client wanted to simplify the product categories to 5 (which I assumed the 8 images were for). I asked, simply, how the images that were sent correspond with the products/categories. Here was the response:

“It was a test we wanted to make sure the images were good. We will send you all the images that we want loaded in their respective categories by Monday. Thank-you.”

 I was waiting for my boss to reply, who told me:

“Do not reply to this till I get back on Sunday. I need to see how many products before we move forward.”

So I didn’t reply. Monday morning came with the following thread:

Client: “We have a number of pictures in PDF files. Can you convert these files to work on the website? “

Me: “I need to estimate with my developers and then discuss with my supervisor. Can you please tell me how many pictures there are?”

Client: “There are many. So there. Will be a charge?”