Job Hoppers Aren’t Failures

Job Hoppers Aren’t Failures

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job-hopperThis is in response to Kelly Blokdijk’s article “Are Job Hoppers Flakes & Failures?

It works both ways. I personally have been let go from various jobs when I was younger for a variety of different reasons. When I listed those jobs on my resume every prospective employer’s concern was the same: how do I know you won’t be job-hopping on us anytime soon? It wasn’t because I was a bad guy, just that luck was against me from holding a job for a long period of time, and in the process I learned so many different ways to get let go.

When I was fortunate to find a company that would invest in me, I stayed on for a few years. Now the excuse I get told all the time is, “Oh wow, you were at your current job for a while! How do we know you’re not just feeling us out?”

I’m telling you, you can’t satisfy anyone!


Below are a couple of humorous Dilbert comics on the topic of job hopping.