Is Lyris Breaking Promises?

Is Lyris Breaking Promises?

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Recently a web developer approached me with a complaint against Lyris. Lyris is a web software company offering a variety of services. One of their services is ListManager, an email list management/forum software running on MSSQL that allegedly has the ability to display forum postings.

The developer was told by Lyris’s sales and support team that importing data from open-source forum software like PhpBB would be seamless. As it turned out, the exact opposite was true. Aside from the fact that there’s no import function available for forum postings through PhpBB. By comparison, one can transfer forum postings from PhpBB to WordPress via CSV file. Also, when importing subscriber lists from a CSV file, the MD5-hashed passwords aren’t allowed to go through: the passwords need to be in plain-text, which in itself defeats the purpose of secured passwords.

This unprofessionalism by Lyris’ support to resolve this matter has made more than one person angry.