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December 2013

5 Elements of BYOD Training for Canadian Businesses


Business Team with Canada Internet ButtonMobile devices are a boon to business production and a risk to company security. A Dimension Data study showed that 75 percent of Canadian business leadership supported the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, but only 35 percent have an official BYOD policy to train employees and take advantage of the use of personal smartphones and tablets. Failure to create an official BYOD policy and train employees can put your business, data and customers at risk. If you do decide to implement a BYOD policy, here are five essential elements of BYOD training.


Make sure employees understand why the enterprise is launching a BYOD policy. Some employees could see the policy as just another way for the company to save money at the expense of workers. Explain the reasons behind a BYOD policy in a positive light, highlighting the convenience and benefits that BYOD will bring.

Include Detailed Parameters

One thing you may not consider is that all apps and programs will not be supported on all devices. Experts in mobile device use encourage employers to include parameters in any BYOD training. You’ll have to do testing on multiple devices and operating systems, and then you can provide employees with a list of all apps and programs related to the job and which devices those functions will work on. Make sure employees understand the limits of on-the-go and at-home work opportunities, if you offer those in conjunction with your BYOD policy.

Gather Information About Employee Devices

During training, gather information about available employee devices. A common issue for companies launching BYOD policies is that they get more traffic on their server than anticipated, and employees use devices that were not vetted for security risks, according to Maas360 by Fiberlink. Many times, employees who didn’t go through training end up using devices. Create a database of devices that will be used and an infrastructure for employees to report any new devices or changes to devices. Understanding the landscape of your enterprise’s BYOD universe allows you to better control risks. For more information about managing security and work with one popular BYOD device, click here.

Security and Privacy

The bulk of any BYOD training should be about protecting sensitive data. You should talk with employees about how they can protect company data on their devices through common sense approaches to safety, strong passwords and savvy Web use. Your training should also include information about how the company will protect employee information. Privacy is paramount for both the business and the employee — technical staff and others with possible access should be trained never to invade another’s privacy by accessing non-work information through personal devices.

Enhancing Productivity

The point of a BYOD policy is to enhance productivity for individuals and the entire business. One aspect of BYOD training should be information about obtaining the highest level of productivity when working on personal devices. Include tips about keeping work and personal items separate, accessing approved apps to increase performance and the best ways to access work via different devices.

Excel – How to Remove Multiple Hyperlinks by Using a Macro

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excel_logoI’ve seen many other places on the internet where an item doesn’t show up, requires a plugin, or that the version of Microsoft Office isn’t compatible. This macro solution actually works.

Step 1. Press Alt + F11 to start the Visual Basic Editor.

Step 2. Double click the workbook you are using on the Project Explorer and type the following code:

Sub RemoveHyperlinks() 
End Sub

Step 3. Save your work. Note: if you’re using Excel 2007 or higher it may ask you to save the workbook as .xlsm. If this is only a one-time thing you should just save your workbook “as is.”

Step 4. Run the macro by pressing Alt + F8 or using the menu by View > Macros

Step 5. Select the macro you have made, it should have the name ‘RemoveHyperlinks’.

Google Chrome Browser – How to Change New Bing Tab Page

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One thing that has been bothering me recently has been the Bing tab I’ve been getting in Chrome when hitting “New Tab.” Why I can’t modify what’s shown when hitting “new tab” defies my logic. I installed Chrome because I did not want to install Bing!

However, I recently found the answer.  Apparently, when installing a program, I mistakenly allowed Conduit to install on my machine and hijack my browser’s search bars, home page and New Tab page. When I uninstalled “Conduit,” I forgot one detail: Under Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs) in the Control Panel there is a program called “Search Protect.” Uninstall that and when the option to “revert to original browser settings” appears, just select that. That should do it.

Remember, Conduit is most likely doing this. The little bugger comes in all shapes and forms 🙂

IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth – Infographic

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If you are thinking about switching jobs, especially jobs in IT, this infographic is for you. According to’s research, IT jobs have been fueling the economy worldwide. And it will continue to do so in decades to come.

Staff-infograph_IT-jobs – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

How to Create Marketing Emails that Get Read

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Email-MarketingPeople do not like or want marketing emails. Even the people who sign up for them are not going to read them with the consistency that marketing company hope they will. You may spend hours working on your marketing email, but there is a chance that many of your mail list entries are going to give it a glance at best. Most of them are going to ignore it, which may lead you to the conclusion that spending less time on your email is a good idea, which is a bad idea. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Spend a Lot of Time on Your Emails

Yes, a lot of people are only going to glance at your email and a
lot of them are going to ignore it, and yes this means that a lot of your time is wasted, but not all of your time is wasted. You are not creating your email for the people who ignore it. You are creating your email for the few people who take the time to read it. These are the people you need to win over because if you prove that your email is worth reading then there is a chance your viewer may read another one. If your email is a quick-hash effort then you are just going to convince people not to read your emails in the future.

2. Learn How to Stay Out of the Junk Mail Folder

This article is not going to go into the many techniques for staying out of the junk mail folder. That is for another article, but staying out of it is part of the battle. But, do not be too dismayed if your emails do end up in there, as many people use the junk mail folder as a pseudo-less-urgent file. For example, a lot of people have YouTube subscriptions but do not want to come back off holiday and see their inbox full of the new YouTube video updates, so they have them sent to their junk mail folder. They are not important enough so that it matters if the system deletes them, but they are mildly interesting and will be looked at now and again. If your emails fall into this category then be grateful. It could be worse, as you could have been blocked.

Start with a Hook and Offer Semi-Instant Gratification

If you are going to use a hook then you need to reel them in right away. So many people make the mistake of putting a hook at the top of the email and then making the user read to the bottom before finding out what they want. This is a mistake and is the fastest way to make your annoyed and frustrated reader block you forever. If you are going to give them a hook then give them instant gratification. If your email subject line and title says, “30% off discount code” then give them the code right after the title.

Consider a Hook with the Subject Line

Only consider the hook with your subject line, as people are used to having a hook in the subject line. They are used to the hook being a big nothing, so be careful in your considerations. They are only effective in most cases if you are stood in a very good standing with the reader.

Be Upfront with Your Subject Line

Some people think that being vague on the subject line is something good–it isn’t! This is the Internet, and people are so inoculated against such tactics that they automatically know to treat your message with disdain. Just be honest and up-front about what your email contains. If the user decides that they don’t want your discount for your products, then they would not have wanted it anyway, even if they had opened the email, so you have not lost anything by being upfront. You may have even made your emails a little bit “less” of an inconvenience.

Stop with the Flashing and the Moving

Say this header in a Jewish accent for the best effect. It also better explains it if you think of an old Jewish man complaining about the flashing and the silent blinging graphics. In other words, tone it down as if you were dying your Hawaiian shirt grey. The big flashy emails went out the same time that modems did. There is no need to gain the attention of your viewers like cereal boxes gain the attention of kids in a supermarket. The user is already looking at the screen, so unless he or she has a monkey dancing on his desk, then he or she is going to look at and notice your page. There is no need to light up the screen like a senior citizens trip to Vegas.

Most Amazing Ways to Raise Your RSS Feed Subscribers

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Rss-feeds-subscribersThe RSS feed subscribers apart from the RSS feeds are the best ways to make your website or blog very much user friendly. It helps your site or blog in different ways. Your readers or followers can monitor a number of updates coming on your website or blog and thus read the newly updated content as per their convenience. In fact, this is the basic purpose of installing RSS feeds as it helps in developing your business as well. When it comes to increasing your RSS Feed subscribers, there is not a single option, which can drastically boost up the number of people over your blog or site. It works in different blends, which you can try out at various junctures to boost up the number of RSS Feed subscribers. The below are some of the best ways, which you can try at various junctures to get a gradual result. Let’s check them out:

The RSS button placement

Your readers would fail to find the RSS button they will never be able to subscribe, hence placing them at the visible place is really important. The fact is this task is not at all a brainer thing and can be carried out without much hassle. All you need to do is to place them over the top keeping at the center over the header of your blog or simply at the side bar. Generally people prefer to have orange color; however, you can go as per your blog’s color or scheme so as to make it unique in the rush of many.

Display the number of subscribers you have

Though there is no set rule when it comes to showcasing the number of subscriber’s counts but anything above 500 is worthy to display. Now, why should you do this, well it can be called as a social proof, which they like to know what you are doing and will therefore compel them to subscribe as they simply do not want to miss out the things the other people are seen trying over it. Sharing the numbers can work provided they are tangible and displayed smartly.

Start asking people

This is among the best and biggest tip to consider for increasing your RSS Feed subscribers. You can certainly think of adding one request at the end to request people to join the group or even post a number of tweets on frequent basis asking people to join as subscribers and mind it; it’s not a wrong thing to try. You just have to keep in mind certain basic tips while treading this path. First of all decide whether you want a RSS subscriber or a Newsletter signup, once you decide this you can think of focusing over any one of it and make the same available for your readers.

Submitting to different RSS Feed Directories

The other way to increase the subscribers is to make it visible before your target audience. This can be carried out by submitting the RSS feed to a number of RSS search engines and RSS feed directories.  There are many visitors who are seen searching the RSS feed directories for several topical feeds, which can suit as per your requirements. This can be one of the best ways to attract new people towards your blog.

Write and comment

Guest posting is considered as one of the most incredible options to boost up your RSS Feed subscribers. When you get the opportunity to write down over other blogs you would see your name and blog/site getting automatic promotion. You can even think of going out there and commenting over blogs of your niche area. If you are able to write down relevant reactions and put a link in order to register over your RSS feed you would end up seeing readers getting attracted towards you and thus becoming your blog’s subscriber.

Add quality RSS content

Content matters a lot when it comes to RSS content otherwise why would any visitor would become your subscriber in order to read some boring or low quality content. You are supposed to produce high quality content, which is not only fresh and unique but also entertaining and interesting. Unlike the other communication options, you are supposed to engage your readers with the help of useful and interesting content or else you may fail to attract people towards your blog then forget about subscription.

Final word

By growing the RSS feed subscribers will help you in promoting your business or brand. Hence you are supposed to put down your efforts to keep on multiplying the number of subscribers. The above are some of the best ways to increase your RSS feed subscribers.