How to Disable Browser Cache in Chrome Using F12

How to Disable Browser Cache in Chrome Using F12

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Like many, I love using Google Chrome (even though I know that through that, Google essentially steals my personal info 🙂 ). However, when launching a new website, or moving it over to another hosting, I notice that other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer will show the new hosting, while Chrome takes forever.

I tried clearing the browser cache, but found that it only works well to a degree. I needed a more immediate cache-clearing solution.

How to clear browser cache once a new site is moved over

Press f12 to open the developer console. Then, under the elements tab, click the gear in the lower right corner: chrome-wrench. On the left, there is an option to disable cache.



How to clear browser cache for Chrome – in general

You can clear the cache regularly.

Wrench icon > Options > Under the hood > Clear browsing Data


Wrench Icon > Tools > Clear browsing Data