iPhone 5C vs. 5 – Get the iPhone 5

iPhone 5C vs. 5 – Get the iPhone 5

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iphone-5c-all-colorsWith all the hype about the iPhone 5C on a different choice of colours, it makes for a good discussion on it. Many people have clamoured over a choice of iPhone colours for a while and Apple delivered. The hard case and different phone backgrounds makes it a popular, low-cost solution to Apple’s flagship phone. My issue is with the technical specs.

Apple claims that the iPhone 5C has a slightly better battery and Facetime camera than the iPhone 5. However, this has yet to be proven. What I see in the iPhone 5C is a phone that’s similar to the iPhone 5 in every way except:

1. The hard plastic case is easier to crack than the iPhone 5’s metal case

2. You can have an iPhone 5 with double the storage space at the same cost as the iPhone 5C. For example, a 64 GB iPhone 5 is the same price as a 32 GB iPhone 5C.

3. The iPhone 5C doesn’t come with storage spaces higher than 32 GB, meanwhile the phone’s camera takes pictures requiring large storage space.

Noting the above, I don’t see any reason why to get the iPhone 5C when the iPhone 5 does the same with more storage.