Manage Your Mobile Team, On Diverse Devices

Manage Your Mobile Team, On Diverse Devices

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Your new online business is up and running! You are excited to offer your products and services worldwide. Your team of sales associates is trained on your new e-commerce software, with dashboard options for managing inventory, sales, and productivity. The beauty if it—your new tools are completely mobile-compatible for your fleet of remote sales associates. Wait! Your team members are using a diverse mix of mobile devices. How will you manage your team? How will they interact with your new e-commerce application, while each team member is using a different type of mobile device?

MDM Solution

A strategic Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution offers you the option of managing your remote team—on diverse mobile platforms. With mobile management software for BlackBerry, you have your team in the palm of your hands, using a variety of different mobile devices including BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. With BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and Secure Work Space, you use an admin console to securely manage and control your mobile environment. You set up security parameters and user logins as you need them, as Blackberry’s website notes.

MDM Options

With MDM, you select from the management and security options you need based on the scope and size of your business and your team. With the BlackBerry corporate level device management solution for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS, you gain security and app management on both personal and corporate levels. Designed for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, it provides the control and security you need for any size organization.

How Does It Work?

If you are setting up your new business or looking for a mobile business opportunity, an MDM solution will streamline your process for communication, collaboration, and online team management. With the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 MDM solution, you use Work Space for iOS and Android to securely manage business applications and collaboration tools in a segregated workspace. You use the administration console to perform these tasks and establish user logins and authentication.

You select from various levels of security based on your enterprise needs. For synchronization of calendar, contacts, email, and tasks, ActiveSync is a suitable option for basic tasks that require standard security. For full device management, take advantage of BlackBerry Balance for segregated work and personal interfaces. Manage app deployment, installations, and publishing from BlackBerry World—Work. For highest security levels and administration opportunities, BlackBerry Regulated-level Enterprise Mobility Management may be the best solution for your business-critical needs. Blackberry’s site promises the ability to maintain complete control over your mobile environment.

Future With MDM

If you need cohesion and efficiency for your mobile business team, an MDM solution is essential to the success of your business. According to a Forbes article from January 2013, “For many companies, getting their mobility strategies off the ground and successful is the highest priority project they have in 2013.” The time is now for efficiency in mobile computing. An enterprise mobile business strategy is a certain step toward the success of your new business. Get off the ground running!