Reality 101 Rantings – The Business World

Reality 101 Rantings – The Business World

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reality101-flag1The business world is cutt-throat – ever heard of that before? Well, it’s true.

More People Pump You for Information to Do it Themselves

I once heard from a former executive Yahoo! that the way they would make money through Search Marketing was by feeding TONS of information to someone, so much so that the amount would overwhelm the average person. Those people would then tell Yahoo! to do the search marketing for them since they had no time. This strategy apparently worked for Yahoo! and some SEO firms in the past, such as SEOMoz.

The reality today is that people are now more educated, and if you “give away the farm” people can and will use that information in-house and bypass the middleman. It’s cheaper that way.

For example at one of my former companies, a client offered us to pay us $50k: $10k for a specific document that outlined how to properly optimize a huge and complicated website for search engines, and $40k to do it. In the end they paid $10 and gave the actual job to two people in-house to do.

I’m also willing to bet that 99 our of 100 people that visit my Computer Support website or an SEO Company website to take the information and do it themselves rather than ask me for a paid consultation.

Therefore, the trick is to give away SOME information but not all.

“Dog Eat Dog” Often Means Compromising Moral Values

Unfortunately, in today’s competitive corporate world, there is a lot of backstabbing and taking credit for others’ work, simply to get that raise, promotion or job elsewhere with a 6 figure income. People look out for themselves and this comes at the cost of lying, cheating and stealing. Don’t be like that but don’t be a naive idiot, either.

CYA = Cover Your Ass(ets)

In the workplace, there’s a practice called CYA (cover your ass[sets]). What this means is to make sure that all bases are covered when asked about your role. CYA includes CCing/BCCing emails to other people, saying that you did your part and that “the ball is in the other person’s court,” etc.

Women Go to Different Extremes

In my experience with work and school, women would be the ones to go to opposite extremes. Some are very nice and let everything slide by, and some pay way too much attention to detail on items of low priority. This can be to the point where it holds back an entire operation and/or drives someone nuts.

As someone once mentioned to me, you have two people told to sketch a flower. One goes straight to sketching the flower, while the other has to sniff it, look at it from all angles, Google the flower type, etc.

Believe it or not, this is consistent with women in general. The same woman that will fuss over which dress to wear, if the shoes matches her purse, etc., will fuss over little details in every aspect of her life.

Nobody cares more about your business than you

Although hiring employees may sound simple, you’ll quickly learn that no one will care for your company as much as you nor will they work as hard as you. Every once in a while you may find some rock star talent to help you out, but those won’t be the majority of the people that build up your team.


Next week I will be covering some tips on what happens at work. Stay tuned.