Reality 101 Rantings – Top 5 Things to Note When Applying for a Job

Reality 101 Rantings – Top 5 Things to Note When Applying for a Job

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reality101-flag1When applying for a job, you will likely get your share of frustrations. Here are some heads-up pointers.

1. Be Prepared for the Standard Interview Questions

Unless you are lucky to find a small, informal company/organization with cultural similarities, be prepared to answer standard interview questions. The reality is, it’s all a game that if you know the right answers, you go through to the next round. Many interviewers doubtfully want to know your answer more than how you answer their questions: an indicator of how you would perform under intense pressure and answering correctly.

An excellent resource I once ran into a few years ago is a bunch of videos made by Denham Resources on YouTube. I’ve personally fallen flat on my face prior to seeing these interview videos, with the standard questions and different answering styles, and passed a number of them since. Again, it’s all a game.


2. Don’t Be Surprised About Fake Interviews

Fake interviews are unfortunately all too common. Sometimes an employer will justify wasting other people’s valuable time because he wants to promote someone internally, and needs to either follow government regulations, or feeling out the playing field to see if someone internal is ready for a promotion. It’s unfortunately a fact of life.

My personal favorite one was when I once walked into a headhunting agency and was greeted by the wrong interviewer! The interviewer spoke with me, without mentioning my name, for a good 2-3 minutes before realizing that he was speaking with the wrong assigned person.

3. Job Fairs Stink

Job fairs do indeed suck. Most of the time they are crapshoots as recruiters are looking for someone very specific and only highly experienced people. That’s not to say that there are those that found their jobs at job fairs. It’s just a 1 in a million shot.

In my own personal experience I’ve been 0-for-umpteen.

4. Most Recruiters are Stupid Headhunters, and Are Out to Make Money From You

When I was applying for I.T. jobs, non-technical recruiters didn’t care that I knew database concepts or programming concepts. No, they were given a list of specific languages that a candidate needed to possess at that very moment. This was something that school did not prepare me for. They wanted someone with every skill listed without any variance. On-the-job training was not an option.

Also, from the recruiter’s mentality, if someone goes through them and makes $20 an hour, for each hour that employee works, the agency makes a healthy percentage off of that. That’s how it works.

5. Everyone Wants Someone 21 Years Old with 30 Years Experience

This classic line was stated by the late comedian Milton Berle. It’s true though that’s it’s a catch-22. Someone 21 years old generally will lack the experience needed to do the job for less money, and someone with the experience generally is too old for a job where the employer would like to pay less money.

Therefore, the only answer seems to be that someone needs to go through a 4-year program in 2 years, a Masters degree in 1 semester, and working 3 job shifts at 24 hours – all without breaking down – in order to get that job that will pay less than you deserve. Stop the madness!!!


Next week I will be covering some tips on the Business world in general. Stay tuned.