Reality 101 Rantings

Reality 101 Rantings

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reality101-flag1Some universities and colleges will hire someone in the working world that “made it” to give a lecture in the “real world.” From my personal experience, I didn’t find those too helpful from the ones I attended.

One person called to lecture attended Harvard university many years ago and when he lectured shortly after the dot-com bubble burst, he announced that “there are still jobs out there” when there really weren’t for the average person. Another person lectured the following year and was this big venture (vulture?) capitalist that a) was boring, b) said “uhhhh…..” before every sentence, and c) spoke without any Powerpoint presentation to make it easy to follow him!

With that in mind, on one hand I have half-an-idea to ask for my money back as I didn’t gain the real preparation I needed for the “real world.” Therefore, I, a regular worker, aim to expose people to the realities of this cold, cruel world and how it relates to business with some quick pointers.

So, what credentials do I possess? I’m not some high-powered executive at a Fortune 500 company  or doctor making a 6-7 figure income. I’m just a regular working guy. Chances are, at least 90% of people reading this will turn out this way. This I feel makes me much more qualified to talk about “the real world” than the people I described above as I can more easily relate with most of you than someone “at the top” can.

With this, I hope that people will realize that life is tough, and it’s much easier to live at home. To quote the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield from the video “Back to School” from 1985, “And so, to all you graduates… as you go out into the world, my advice to you is… don’t go! It’s rough out there. Move back with your parents. Let them worry about it!”

That having been said, the following don’t apply to every person and every case. However, the following happens too often to ignore. Also, the below list is far from an “end-all and be-all.” TONS of books and blog posts have been written that elaborate on the following points. This is just a list that summarizes things “as they are.”

I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest for some while and hope that these points will either enlighten someone, or at least strengthen ones own opinion about the outside world. I’m going to go all Jerry McGuire on how I see things since no one else will.

I apologize if my upcoming comments sound like those of someone that’s cynical and bitter, but it’s better to get the truth now rather than find out yourself (which you’re likely to do very soon, anyway). I also apologize if I gain a few enemies by saying what I perceive as “the truth” and “nothing but.”

Here are a list of upcoming articles that address different sections of the world as I see it, from my own personal worldview.


The following topics will be covered one by one weekly. Follow up each Sunday to see the next segment.