10 Reasons Why I Chose the Apple iPhone 5 Over an Android Phone – Namely Samsung Galaxy S3

10 Reasons Why I Chose the Apple iPhone 5 Over an Android Phone – Namely Samsung Galaxy S3

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samsung-galaxy-s-iii-anti-iphone-5-ad-full-sizeAs per my personal blog, I had purchased the Apple iPhone 5 through Best Buy on a Rogers plan, then fought with Best Buy and Rogers shortly afterward through Twitter. Some might wonder why I chose to get the iPhone 5 when I could have chosen an Android device. Here are some reasons:

1. I Like It

That should be # 1, always. You should always like what you are getting. I like the iPhone 5, hence I got it.

2. The Apps I Already Have

While Google Play has drastically improved it’s list of apps, there are a number of Apps that I already purchased through the Apple store for my old iPhone and I didn’t want to re-purchase them for the Android if I didn’t have to. Also, there are certain specialty Apps that the Android simply doesn’t have right not.

3. My iCloud Contacts

As I have done before with other phone transfers, one of the most challenging is successfully transferring ALL contacts. With iCloud that’s not the case as the contacts download to your new iPhone seamlessly.

4. The Consistency

Whatever Apple device you get, you know what are getting. And, it doesn’t crash or get viruses easily. Being that Android is on many different devices, it can operate differently depending on the device it’s installed on. Android has also been reported to operate sluggishly on many devices.

With iPhones you are getting a device that works well almost all of the time, even on half the RAM (1 GB) that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has (2GB) and a relatively slower processor (A6 is dual-core whereas SnapDragon is supposedly Quad-Core). There are other components that somehow make an iPhone “just work,” and well.

The iPhone 5 has already been speed- and performance-tested side by side with a Samsung Galaxy S3, which shows that the iPhone 5 by far outperforms the Galaxy despite the less powerful features. Something was done right.

5. The Durability

The iPhone 5 will survive most common “drops” that can accidentally occur at any moment at any day while at most leaving small nicks. When a Samsung Galaxy phone, though, drops, it doesn’t nick: it cracks and sometimes shatters! While the HTC phone has proven to be waterproof, it makes things more complicated when choosing a phone, doen’t it?

Here is a great video of a sample drop test between a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5. However, if you go onto YouTube to search drop tests you will see others as well with similar results.

6. The Display

Say what you will, but the Retina display of the iPhone 5 makes “white” look more like “white,” and produces sharper colors. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone has a new display type called AMOLED, which makes colors more vibrant but you can tell that there is something lacking.

7. A Closed System

Okay, this is not really a reason for getting the iPhone 5, but still. Apple has long been criticized for being a closed system. For better or worse, this really protects the phone from incompatible programs that can slow down the phone, and even viruses.

8. The Feel When Holding It

IMG_1622This was another big factor in my decision making. At a recent event I met two family members, one with the iPhone 5 and one with the Samsung Galaxy S3. I was able to hold one phone on each hand and knew what I wanted. The iPhone 5 felt thinner and being made of metal felt more comfortable and more “authoritative” at the same time, which was great. The Samsung Galaxy S3 though felt like cheap plastic, and the wideness as well as the overall size made it feel like I was holding a tablet to make calls, which can get uncomfortable after a while. I didn’t like that and right then and there “just knew” which phone I wanted to get.

9. The Camera

Yes, believe it or not, I also got the iPhone 5, in part because of the Camera. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone has many more photo features than the iPhone 5, most of those are in fact rarely used, which can complicate things. Also, the Panorama feature was simply something I felt I needed to have, which I felt the iPhone did better than the Samsung.

10. The Software Updates

This is important as most Android devices don’t make it easy to simply upgrade your Operating System. the iPhone provides free software upgrades as they come out, offering more and more features.


Both phones otherwise were comparable. Apple’s Siri goes head-to-head with Android’s many alternatives, namely Maluuba. Samsung has Near Field Communication (NFC), a revolutionary technology allowing multiple Samsung phone users to share encrypted data with one another. This is huge when utilizing “S Beam” to transfer photos and videos. Again, Apple (and Android) has Bump which does a great job on its own.

Can Apple duplicate NFC and “S Beam” in the near future? Perhaps, as Apple recently was awarded a patent for an NFC alternative. On the other hand, perhaps not as it’s not clear that the technology will really help out in the long run. Keep in mind though that the “S Beam” feature involves a LOT of data usage, so expect to pay a pretty penny there. That’s something that Samsung will never admit in its commercials 🙂

For the record, the iPhone has its own S-Beam feature in a special app called “Bump” (https://bu.mp/), which I have used to transfer photos just the same.

The war goes on and it really boils down to a matter of personal preference.

All that having been said, I’m no fanboy, but I love all types of technology and love what works, and works well. At home I utilize Windows, Apple/Unix and Linux devices, each for different purposes. I am honestly sick of one product being bashed over another.

I learned a while ago that it’s silly to say that one product is always better than another in the name of brand loyalty. This is why the following video resonates with me big time:

But hey, that’s what competition is all about, right?

Again, this post is not why one phone is better than the other, rather why I want one phone over another.


Note: Check out how deadly a Samsung Galaxy phone can be: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2359281/Exploding-Samsung-Galaxy-phone-leaves-teenager-degree-burns-smelling-like-burnt-pig.html