CodeIgniter Framework – Based Daily Deal/Groupon Clone Aggregator Script

CodeIgniter Framework – Based Daily Deal/Groupon Clone Aggregator Script

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Note: Due to the age of this post as well as the evolution of the Groupon clone/aggregator system, RJH Solutions will no longer offer support for these systems. The “writing on the wall” was seen when Groupon’s CEO was fired early 2013. In the meantime, please continue browsing the rest of the site. -Rafi

In the past I wrote about Groupon Clones and reviews. Well, the hype on that seems to have cooled off, and now people are wondering what to do next. Well, there are are always Daily Deal Aggregator scripts.

Of the many Groupon Clone websites that launched, while not many lasted beyond 3-6 months, the number remaining still is a nice number. Also, daily deal sites still are looking for exposure on various other sites. Until the market is dominated by 1-2 Daily Deal sites, people will wonder how to get the best deal on which site covering a niche they like. Enter Daily Deal Aggregator websites.

From a business perspective, it makes a lot of sense. Host all niche Daily Deal websites and earn a small percentage from each sale. A nice amount of money can be made from this business without the headache of running a single deal.

Sounds tempting? Want in? Okay, I can tell you’re hungry. That’s good, right? Well, RJH Solutions has partnered with Extanet to provide you one of the most modular, user-friendly daily deal scripts around. Built in CodeIgniter, this script can be extended to include whatever your heart desires – all within reason of course.

Contact us today for a free quote on not only the script, but to setup.

A demo is currently pending and we will update you on when it is available.