Great. Joe Blo Can Build a Website. So What?

Great. Joe Blo Can Build a Website. So What?

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Once upon a time, building a website was an arduous task. One would need to painfully go through thousands of lines of code just to code a professional looking, yet static, HTML site, or even a Flash-based website. Today, many of the processes in creating a simple, standard website are automated. With a simple CMS (Content Management System), creating a site with a standard theme takes minutes, if not hours. The real work lies in the custom design should the client choose to go that route.

However, anyone with some technical know-how can set up a website for someone. The question is, how can someone drive traffic to ones website?

The first step is to identify where most website visitors come from. Most people, when they want to find a product or service, will search on Google or Bing to find the product they’re looking for. Social media buffs spending their time on Facebook or Twitter may visit sites relating to interesting things people post, so that’s important to note as well.

Therefore, not only building your website, but building it cleanly and correctly the first time around, plus utilizing various strategies to drive traffic to your website in a most cost-effective manner is important. Not too many joe blo’s can claim that!