​What I Want in an e-Reader

​What I Want in an e-Reader

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With tablet PC’s now dominating the market, I still like the plain eReader. Sorry, an iPad won’t do it for me. However, thereafe some things I want out of an eReader.

  • Everything would be “touch.”
  • Larger screen. 10.1″ sounds about right!
  • Page flow: When turning pages I want them to be as smooth and graphical like how the iPad does it.
  • Light weight
  • Long battery life – one month
  • Color but no glare
  • Music but no movies
  • Different page turn options for different languages

Impossible, you say? Well, I once saw an e-Reader targeting the Asian market (lost source) showing one that was in full color and conserved battery life by having one piece of light bounce off different mirrors inside the e-Reader.