Evil People Seem to Prosper

Evil People Seem to Prosper

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A while back I wrote on self worth and what we can learn from Major League Baseball players. One of the topics I wrote about was Michael Young and his being moved around. He asked to be traded since he was being “manipulated and mistreated.” The results? The Rangers have since gone to the World Series TWICE.

In 2008 I helped my wife  and her friend start a business together selling a certain line of products. I built the website for no pay as well as paid for some advertising. Nothing was in writing since the personal relationship between my wife and her friend was “very chummy.” The only things in exchange were for a) a small percentage of online sales, and b) access to this friend’s line of suppliers. Well, guess what? She reneged on her end of the bargain, nixed the site, and is now living in a mansion with her husband!

I have personally given free advice to countless people for no pay, expecting them to sign on with me. The results? They wouldn’t sign on with me, go to their friend, and have that friend do what I suggested!

Am I the only bozo here that doesn’t get it? As long as bosses make money who cares how others are treated?