Yahoo Site Explorer, Wherefore Hast Thou Gone? Backlinks Anyone?

Yahoo Site Explorer, Wherefore Hast Thou Gone? Backlinks Anyone?

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Last month, as part of Yahoo’s transition to merging with Microsoft and Bing’s search engine, Yahoo Site Explorer was shut down. In Yahoo’s search blog, they said that for SEO one must now use Bing webmaster tools! Bummer!

I say “bummer” for one reason: no more free backlinking analysis. In the past, it was easy for a non-site owner to go to Yahoo Site Explorer and examine the many backlinks of a given website. Backlinks from other authoritative websites are essential as from Google’s and Bing’s perspective, when another site talks about your site in a positive light, that’s much more valuable than you talking about yourself. Now, that tool is no longer available.

There are now paid tools like Link Assistant that claim to successfully analyze website backlinks “through other sources.” What those sources are are beyond my understanding, but I’d be wary of someone advertising a “secret recipe” before the final product is proven. If that secret recipe, for example, is having scraped Yahoo’s backlinks for each site before it shut down, then that data will go stale very quickly as Yahoo obviously is no longer giving away backlinks.

Any thoughts, anyone?