Why Inexperienced Bloggers Should Invest in Social Media

Why Inexperienced Bloggers Should Invest in Social Media

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In their first few months, new bloggers often struggle with finding an audience for their writings. Websites that dispense blogging advice often make it seem like an amateur blogger could gain thousands of followers just by taking a few easy steps. Newcomers to the blogging scene may be under the false impression that popular blogs acquired their huge followings overnight. Realistically successful blogging requires lots of personal investment, strong writing, savvy marketing skills and a little luck. Don’t despair if you’re having trouble finding your footing in the blogosphere; it’s perfectly normal for blogs to start slow in their infancy.
To counteract the slow growth of newly minted blogs, I highly suggest that bloggers invest in social media platforms. Social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, or even Facebook can help blogs jumpstart a reader base and encourage user participation.

Expand your audience more rapidly

It’s a great unspoken truth in blogging that growing a solid readership will take a long time even with optimal SEO usage in your blog posts. Social media platforms will give you the necessary tools to actively search out and inform new readers about your blog. For example if you’re running a gardening blog, there’s little chance that gardening enthusiasts would stumble across your blog in its infancy because of its relatively low search ranking. You could blog about the latest innovations in home gardening and post pictures of your prized plot for days on end without receiving a single comment, even while abiding by standard SEO rules! But if that same blogger was had an active Twitter account for their blog, they could easily search out other users interested in gardening, follow them, and hope that followers would visit the blog advertised on the account.
The same scenario could play out for any genre of blog or any other social media platform. People of all interests pervade social media networks looking for likeminded people with whom they can share their ideas. Virtually any topic of interest has its own built-in clientele in every social media network; a blogger simply needs to make their presence known to those people and watch as their following grows.

Develop an identity for your blog

Social media tools also offer an opportunity for a blogger to develop a recognizable identity for their web persona. A blog exists as a space for people to visit, read up, and engage your interpretation of a topic of interest; it needs ample traffic in order to thrive. But social media tools give mobility to your blog by enabling the user to go out into other spaces to discuss the views and ideas of your blogs. You can use this mobility to your advantage in several ways. You could use social media as a prime marketing tool with which you attract new readers (see above). Alternately, you could turn these profiles into ambassadors of your blog, engaging in conversation with other users in a way that reflects its spirit and ethos. A political blogger, for instance, can transport their influence outside their blog homepage by engaging other politicos about foreign policy on their Google+ profile.
Blogging grants enthusiasts of every stripe with the tools to share their views with the world. Armed with social media tools, those same bloggers can reach more people and do so at a fast pace. A blogger only needs drive, a web address, and a Twitter handle to make a splash on the web.