Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – Staying Calm Under Pressure and Scrutiny

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – Staying Calm Under Pressure and Scrutiny

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I recently watched a video interview with Jeff Bezos, CEO of, and Charlie Rose, celebrated interviewer and broadcast journalist. The topic was on the Kindle 3, also known as the Kindle Keyboard. The questions that Charlie Rose asked Mr. Bezos had more to to with what made Amazon different than, say Apple and Walmart. Apple’s iPhone 2, for example, was supposed to be a “Kindle Killer.” The interview lasted 40 minutes and many of the questions essentially repeated themselves, suggesting that Mr. Rose wasn’t interested in hearing the answers the first time around.

What I found more interesting than Jeff Bezos’ actual answers (e.g. The Kindle serves a completely different purpose than the iPad2 where most people play Angry Birds) was his poise and ability to stay calm under intense pressure. Charlie Rose didn’t seem to give him a break at all and at times seemed to attack Mr. Bezos. This calmness in my mind is what makes him a multi-billionaire.

If I can only attain a fraction of that calmness, I’d be alright.

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