R.I.P. Steve Jobs – Former Apple CEO Dead at 56 Years of Age

R.I.P. Steve Jobs – Former Apple CEO Dead at 56 Years of Age

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The world just lost a visionary in Steve Jobs today. At 56 years of age, Jobs battled numerous health problems and lost the battle on cancer. He will be missed.

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From a technology perspective, Apple’s mantra has been that “Apple innovates and everyone else imitates.” I find this to be true to an extent. During the turn of the 21st Century, Apple’s iMacs were the first ones to lack a Floppy drive, relying instead on CDs and USB Keys. The iPhone was the first “really” successful Smart Phone in the market. The iPod redefined what an MP3 Player was. The Macbook Air was the first portable computer that lacked a CD drive and promoted everything being digitally downloaded. The iCloud came shortly after. I can go on and on.

At the same time, one cannot ignore Apple’s imitation of a GUI for an operating system after Steve Jobs took a tour at Xerox labs, where Xerox had the first “real” GUI system. If Steve Jobs never went on that fateful tour, Xerox would be the industry leader in desktop computers and not Apple. Or, how about where Steve Jobs tried to make money off a computer building concept that Steve Wozniak had come up with.

Nevertheless, the point is, we just lost someone who’s visionary skills may be found lacking in others for years to come.

Signing off. Stay hungry, stay foolish.