How to Deal With High Pressure Jobs and Work Stress

How to Deal With High Pressure Jobs and Work Stress

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To keep things simple, let’s talk about 3 possible directions you could go from here:

  1. You can keep on living the same way you have been up to now. Change isn’t easy and for now you’re just going to hope you’ll make it through somehow, and figure it all out sometime later. This choice might not look so attractive, and you might even get a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach when you consider this option.
  2. You can make a break for it. Just get out quick while you still can. The pressure inside you has built up over so long that this option sometimes feels like the best choice. Your professional reputation might suffer if you choose this option, or it might not. The main thing is that you need to get out now, so you’re just going to jump and figure out the landing later on!
  3. Learn how to deal with your stress right now, so you can let go of some of that tension you’ve been building up all these years. Feel better right now, start to get healthy again, and be in a more relaxed and clear headed place so you can make good decisions about what it is you really want to do in the future. From this place, you can make a graceful exit from your high stress job, or you can stay and start to shape your environment to better suit you.

    If you do decide to go, you have the the space to chart out where you want to land, what your future might look like. What your new job or business or passion might look like, and how best to get there from here.The only danger in that 3rd choice that we see is that sometimes we try to use stress management as a kind of band-aid. Sometimes, and this is true for those high performing, type A types among us especially, we think that poorly managed stress is the only thing we need to look at in out lives. That if we can just learn how to let go of some our tension and calm down a bit with some stress management techniques, then we can keep driving ourselves at 200 miles per hour.