Google Changes – Week of 7-22-2011

Google Changes – Week of 7-22-2011

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According to the SEO RoundTable, last week was big in terms of the list of recent changes with Google (thanks Barry Schwartz). Among which:

Google had a huge bug that allowed anyone with a Webmaster Tools account to remove any site from Google’s index, Google has fixed it by the way.

Google is issuing warnings to Google searches if they discover viruses or malware on their computers.

Webmasters and searchers may be losing trust in Google PageRank. This may or may not have triggered an unusual PageRank update, putting Google back at a PR 10.

Google enabled more controls for URL parameter handling in Webmaster Tools.

Google says you should not use the meta refresh meta tag.

Use surveys and Geocities to build links.

Google is marketing for a Google AdWords reseller, Yellowbook – for real?

Google Call Extensions cost a $1 per call, but they are available to US and Canadian advertisers.

Google Maps redesigned and pulled non Google reviews.

Google Directory is gone – can you believe it?

Google Labs is going away also.

Google Toolbar will not work on the latest Firefox version.

An SEO firm allegedly deindexed their client’s site after being notified they are fired. Scary stuff. Change all your passwords before firing an SEO firm.