SEO Friendly Content Management System – What Does WordPress Do So Well?

SEO Friendly Content Management System – What Does WordPress Do So Well?

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One of the Content Management Systems I highly recommend from both an ease-of-use and SEO-friendliness perspective is WordPress. Google somehow manages to love it and post articles within hours of posting. Question is, what is so special about WordPress? Why does Google love it more than most other websites and CMS systems?

Depending on how you set it up, it can do wonders. I will explain what I do with a normal WordPress installation and what WordPress then does for me.

With any installation, this is what I do:

  1. Make the blog visible – This is the first option when installing WordPress, making the blog visible to Search Engines to sites like Google and Technorati.
  2. Set SEO-friendly Permalinks – Under Settings/Permalinks, I set my blog to “day and name,” then “custom structure,” where I stylistically add “.html” at the end of each blog post.
  3. Install the following plugins: “All in One SEO Pack,” “Google XML Sitemaps,” and “Google Analyticator.” The first two do the work, Google Analyticator allows me to set up Google Analytics with a few other options.
  4. Update the All-In-One SEO Pack to do auto Meta Descriptions.
  5. Post, post, post.

Now that I do this, this is what WordPress does:

  1. Automatic XML Sitemap update – As soon as I set up a post, WordPress automatically updates my Sitemap.
  2. Pinging – Once the sitemap is updated, WordPress will automatically “ping” to Google, Technorati and other sites that my sitemap was updated. This can manually be done with a quick-and-dirty PHP script.
  3. Automatic Indexing – Once Google has been notified of my post, Google Caffeine takes over and quickly re-indexes their search engine ranking system. It then looks at the SEO-friendly URL, Title, auto meta description, and number of pages written on a frequent basis. The system and takes care of the rest from there!

This can be done manually, but why work so hard when WordPress does all this for you?