Google Page Rank Myth Debunked – What Does Google Page Rank REALLY mean?

Google Page Rank Myth Debunked – What Does Google Page Rank REALLY mean?

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There’s a lot of confusion as to what Google’s Page Rank means, and why on earth people are obsessed about it. Since the word “page” is in “Page Rank,” the assumption is that if the web page is SEO-friendly, then the page rank will go up. People think that their rankings on Google will go up as a direct result of it. Almost, but not quite.

Okay, here’s the lowdown on what on earth Page Rank is. Page Rank, contrary to what people think, has nothing to do with pages! It’s merely named that after Google’s co-founder, Larry Page! Larry Page came up with a linking algorithm early on to determine the importance of pages through link referrals. The logic was simple: just like the referral of another human being is more important than your own self-referral, the referral of another website is more important than your own self-referral! Naturally, the more important the referral, or the higher the page rank, the better is is on you. This is a simplistic yet effective description on what Page Rank is.

Therefore, getting a few back-links from other websites that are highly Page Ranked, and that do NOT have the “rel=’nofollow'” tag will invariably help your website becoming better Page Ranked. I know this from personal experience.

However, this was deemed as the cure-all a number of years ago. However now there are over 200 more important variables to focus on. Google’s webmaster FAQ mentions that one needn’t worry about having a quality site with a Page Rank 0.

In a previous post, I pointed out a dirty secret from an SEO backlinking company making a killing off cheap backlinks. What this company does focus on, though, is to have the SEO-friendly term in the display text. This drives most of the traffic for them.

This in short explains the mystical Page Rank that people die to get highly positioned on.