Why Do I Give Away Free Information?

Why Do I Give Away Free Information?

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Some people have asked me why I give away long-researched IT advice for free. I have a few reasons:

  1. No Trade Secrets – I don’t believe in “trade secrets” or “proprietary information.” I believe in the spreading of information so that the industry can become more standardized.
  2. Contract offers – Many people who have read my posts have said to themselves, “Hey, this guy seems to know what he’s talking about. Let me hire him do do Project X for me.”

    Also, because I personally, at this time, don’t own personal software products for sale, I can write objective techniques and product reviews. This also establishes the element of trust with potential clients.

  3. Free marketing – Studies have shown that when in doubt, people Google the answers. I therefore title my posts and URLs in the form of phrases and questions people will type in by imaging myself as one of them. By having my website ranked for commonly asked questions, people get to my site and I don’t need to pay tons of money for marketing. Google does a nice job of that already.
  4. Grateful people – Some people are grateful and will donate once seeing that the information I posted has saved people from hours of research which I already performed, then presented on a silver platter. Usually one visitor in a thousand is like that, I find.
  5. Fame – I like getting my word out and basking in the glory. I’ll admit it. I’m human.