Ricky Romero vs Tim Hudson – the Big Loss

Ricky Romero vs Tim Hudson – the Big Loss

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On June 20th, 2011, in an interleague MLB game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves, each teams’ ace pitched. Ricky Romero of the Jays was against Tim Hudson of the Braves. The game was a pitchers dual. Neither team gave up a run for 8 innings until Tim Hudson, the opposing pitcher and traditionally the worst hitter on a team, went up to bat. Guess what? He homered! Of all the hitters to hit a home run on the powerful Braves staff, the pitcher hit the home run! Ricky Romero was visibly devastated by this. Due to his frustration on the Jays scoring very little for him – 13 runs in his last 9 starts – he spoke out against his team later on.

What separates Ricky Romero, a young pitcher, from Roy Halladay, a more seasoned pitcher, is that when Roy Halladay pitches and gives up a home run to anyone, he doesn’t let anyone know of his frustration. That makes the other team think he still has something up his sleeve. But as soon as a pitcher like Ricky Romero shows his frustration, that’s when the opposing team knows that they got him.

After another frustrating day at work, my boss gave me this lesson to explain that, while I may be frustrated with the results of my team around me, I can’t show it. Showing it displays weakness and when others can pounce on me. My response to that, though not to his face, is that I realize that I’m doing everything I can, but like Ricky Romero, I’m only one person on a team. The rest of the team needs to step up as well in order for everyone to win.