Salary Negotiations: NEVER give out a dollar number!

Salary Negotiations: NEVER give out a dollar number!

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When an interviewer asks you for salary expectations, avoid/sidestep the question at all costs. Revealing ones salary can be crippling for any interview. If you’re expectation is too high, it may tell the future employer that you’re greedy. If you give a smaller number, you may give off the impression that you can be taken for a ride.

Some pointers:

1. When asked for your current salary, mention that you do not wish to discuss that at this time. Salary is a very personal thing, and you’d might as well be asked to take your pants off. You reveal too much and it only serves to tell the interviewer how much you can be had for, rather than how much you’d like to make.

2. When given an ball offer, hesitate. Take a couple of deep, hard breaths, pause for 10 seconds, and say that you need to think it over at home and that you will call back tomorrow. An impatient boss will then decide to grease the number up a bit.

3. When the offer is lower than your expected salary range, point out all of the value-added services you can offer. Nobody cares if you have a wife and family. That’s just how it is.

I personally am a pushover and therefore the last time a recruiter asked me about my last salary I said it out straight. Needless to say I wasn’t called back.