Groupon Clone Script Software Reviews – Part 3

Groupon Clone Script Software Reviews – Part 3

Groupon Clone Script Software Reviews – Part 3 150 150 rhecht

Note: Due to the age of this post as well as the evolution of the Groupon clone/aggregator system, RJH Solutions will no longer offer support for these systems. The “writing on the wall” was seen when Groupon’s CEO was fired early 2013. In the meantime, please continue browsing the rest of the site. -Rafi

This post is the final in my series of Groupon Clone Software reviews. With Groupon sites still maintaining popularity, many off-shore companies have raced to build their own solutions and it’s practically impossible to follow each one. However I feel like these posts have covered the most commonly used ones.

This post is a followup to the first one, which covered Contus, Alstrasoft, Agriya, Couponic, GetSocio, and, as well as the second one, which covered Wroupon, Daily Deal Builder, EponWare, Groupon Clone Pro,, and

So without further ado, here are my reviews on Groupon Clone Pro, (yeah, that’s how it’s spelled), Build a Coupon Site, and FatBit.

Groupon Clone Pro

When I visited the main website, I saw that it was in Joomla based on the tab icon.

In any case, their demo site from the front-end looks promising, but there’s no explicit access to the demo site’s back-end. A Google search showed me that in the demo site, in logging in, the username/password is admin/admin123. Once in, the back-end system looks EXACTLY LIKE Agriya’s platform. Yet another clunky back-end with many bugs.

Payment gateways are Paypal and

Price: N/A as they took off the Pricing page.

On the home page there are buttons to guide you to the front and back-ends of the site. From a design perspective the back-end leaves much to be desired. However, everything is organized from the left side and is fairly easy to quick to pick up. The biggest problem though is that there’s no place to send out coupons, manage transactions, or manage user info!

Payment gateways are Paypal Standard and Paypal Pro, nothing else.


Default template: $250
Unique design: $400
Multi-language: $350
Customizations: $250

Build a Coupon Site – Account was recently suspended.

Fatbit is an Indian company that offers all sorts of software coding and design solutions, as well as SEO. They have a demo of their software on, and all the login information on the Fatbit website,

The pros is that they seem to be available on Live Chat 24 hours a day, which is a boon for many people in the US and Canada who don’t want to be up at 1 in the morning when it’s business hours in India. They also offer custom coding packages ranging from $8 to $20 per hour, depending on the number of hours per package chosen.

The cons here I find lie with the Groupon clone software. They have an interesting system where there are 2 admin logins – one for the admin and one for the specific merchant. My biggest critique is that, while it doesn’t look like there are bugs, they made it way too complicated for someone visiting it for the first time to use it. There are too many options all over the place and is far from intuitive.

Their only payment gateways are Paypal (payments standard) and

The front-end looks nothing spectacular.

Pricing: $100 for the script with default template
$1500 for the script for a custom template
$2500 if the solution is custom

Final Thoughts

Once again, when dealing with off-shore companies, you will encounter software with many basic bugs. Out of all of the softwares out there, I have found Contus to be the best for the following reasons. One is that the system is built on top of Magento Community shopping cart, a stable, robust platform especially when it comes the the bottom line: transacting money. The second reason is that their support is excellent despite the time difference. Three, they are constantly adding new features to make it “feel” different than the rest of the clone websites out there.

Until you’re ready to code your own solution, Contus is the one I personally recommend. Also, it’s strongly advised to purchase a virtual dedicated server in order to process huge amounts of bandwidth from the visitors and database use.

That concludes my review of the Groupon Clone software series. I hope these reviews have guided you in the right direction in terms of which software to use.



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