Groupon Clone Script Software Reviews – Part 2

Groupon Clone Script Software Reviews – Part 2

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Note: Due to the age of this post as well as the evolution of the Groupon clone/aggregator system, RJH Solutions will no longer offer support for these systems. The “writing on the wall” was seen when Groupon’s CEO was fired early 2013. In the meantime, please continue browsing the rest of the site. -Rafi
After receiving an overwhelming response to my initial review of some Groupon Clones out there, I have decided to write a follow-up on some more as per requests for some other Groupon clone softwares out there.

Just so everyone knows, I am not a reseller and therefore am posting my personal experiences and opinions of each script.

This post covers Wroupon, Daily Deal Builder, EponWare, Groupon Clone Pro,, and


Wroupon, a Chinese-based Singapore company, looks, feels and functions EXACTLY the same way that Alstrasoft does. Cheap, buggy, and limited in terms of payment processors. The more I look at it the more I’m convinced that one copied the software off the other. Perhaps some modifications were made, but that’s about it. Bugs like adding cities and limited payment processors are still present, and when other demo users point out clear bugs, very little is done to troubleshoot or at least respond to user comments.

Bottom line, nothing original, and substandard support.

Price: $89 for the Lite version, $350 for the full. A complete breakdown can be found here.

Daily Deal Builder

Daily Deal Builder looks from the outset like another stable Groupon clone, but at a relatively steep price. The starting price is $400 for the script PLUS a monthly fee for subscribers, starting at $25 a month, going as high as $5,000 a month for over 1 million subscribers. And, who’s to say that a significant percentage will make purchases to justify this cost? It can become a costly choice.

As far as functionality goes, I don’t see how it’s functionality differs from other Groupon clone sites I’ve encountered, save for the optional YouTube video upload instead of an image. Payment gateways are limited to Paypal standard and a generic credit card processor. Not only that, but it seems that you’re limited in choices of design and cities/countries, and they’re essentially hosting/owning the code for you. I personally wouldn’t recommend that in case various scenarios occur, such as code base change, or even the minute chance that the company goes out of business.

Also, there’s a base currency setting per site. What if you intend to expand your business globally and use different currencies and time zones?

Again, my personal take is to have control of the code you own at a decent cost. $400 plus a monthly fee starting at $25 for code you don’t even have control over is in my opinion a bit steep, even though support is within the United States time zones.

Price: $400 plus a monthly fee starting at $25, can go as high as $5,000/month.

EponWare’s EponGroup

Some pointers:

  • The main website is amateurishly run on Joomla! CMS.
  • There is no free demo, rather the demo must be per request.
  • The email address for contacting them is an “” one.
  • “Ships in 3-5 days.” I don’t understand why downloadable software needs to take that long.
  • In all honesty, I have not tested the software to come to an adequate conclusion. I filled out the sign-up form earlier but no attempt to contact me back was made, which gives credence to the company’s non-professionalism.

It has recently come to my attention that their support is not , the code is encrypted so that it cannot be modified, is limited in functionality, and that any little change is also expensive.

Software: $500
Skin Design: $250
Language Mod: $150
Training: $99
Customization: $50/hour


My next post in the Groupon Clone series covers reviews on the following: Groupon Clone Pro,, buildacouponsite, and FatBit’s Groupon Clone. Stay tuned!


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