Apple Mac’s (Macintosh’s) Task Manager

Apple Mac’s (Macintosh’s) Task Manager

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This is possibly one of the most frustrating issues when switching over to a Macintosh Computer from a Windows PC. How does one get the task manager in case an application freezes and one wants to kill that application?

  1. Try Activity Monitor in Applications => Utilities – BEST.
  2. Or if you just want a simple way to quit programs, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and select Force Quit (the keyboard shortcut would be Command + Option + Esc).
  3. Don’t forget the “heads up” task switcher. Press CMD+TAB together and you will get a clever task switching display. You can switch now by continuing to hold down CMD and use the arrow keys to move between the available applications. Windows has a similar function… ALT+TAB.

Keep in mind that with an Apple computer you rarely will need to use the Task Manager, but just in case…