Apple Macs – Uninstall Microsoft Office?

Apple Macs – Uninstall Microsoft Office?

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Note: Currently, the Remove Office tool is not available for Office 2011.

To remove Microsoft Office from your Mac OS X computer, use the Remove Office tool provided by Microsoft.

Note: The Remove Office tools will not delete documents you have created with Office programs unless they are located in the application folders for Microsoft Office. If you have documents you want to keep in any of the application folders, move them to a different folder before using the tool.

  1. To find the Remove Office tools, open the Microsoft Office 2008 folder or the Microsoft Office 2004 folder, and then open the Additional Tools folder.
  2. For instructions, read the Read Me file in the Remove Office folder.
  3. When you run Remove Office, it will allow you to remove installations of Microsoft Office 98 through 2008 as well as related preferences and system files. Once you have run the program, it places the removed Office components in the Trash.

There’s actually another great tool out there called “AppDelete.” This is a commercial tool that completely allows you to uninstall any program completely. Why Apple doesn’t have its own uninstaller like Microsoft Windows does I have no idea.