ASP and downloading files greater than 4 MB

ASP and downloading files greater than 4 MB

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Scenario: You are running a Windows server with IIS, and would like to run a custom script to download a file that may be larger than 4 MB. The file that’s larger than 4 MB  will not download because that’s by default the largest file size in IIS to download. How does one increase the file size?

The following answer was found courtesy of GleamTech:

Open up the file “metabase.xml” with notepad…should be located in C:windowssytem32inetserv. Find the variable named “AspBufferingLimit,” which by default will be 4194304 (or 4 MB’s), and change it to something greater than what is there. By default this is set to around 4 MB’s.

In changing this variable you are increasing the max size of ASP response buffer, thus letting you download files greater than 4 MB’s using “WexFree.”

To upload files greater than this ammount, look for the variable named “AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed” and change it to the desired size. And voila! By increasing the number of these variables, you can control the size of uploads and downloads (respectively).