From Men to Boys in Business

From Men to Boys in Business

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There used to be a time when a person’s word was as good as gold. Someone said something and it was done. Promises were kept, and handshake agreements were accepted as valid. To give someone you know “the business,” you would pay just a little bit more out of courtesy.

In today’s day in age this is a mere fantasy. My experience has taught me that people, most of whom have limited vision, can and will try to get the best deal for a product or service. When you offer a product or service that’s a little more expensive than what the person next door is selling, you’re out. Never mind if your quality is better or that the user experience is much different. Today, if people think they see a deal, they will take that. That is business today. People will do what they can to purchase a Lexus at Kia prices, and won’t bow to reason. For some reason they expect work to be done for them for free. Imagine how the person on the other end feels!

What makes things worse is that some people, rather than say straight to your face “I don’t want to do business with you since you’re too expensive, etc.,” will send emails and phone calls behind back in rather secretive manners. If you don’t get a phone call back, expect the answer to be “no.”

This may have to do with childish fear and lack of backbone with today’s “men.” Well before the advent of the telephone, and even before the invention of a telegram or letter, the only means of communication was to either appear in front of the other person and tell him yourself, or tell another person to do your dirty work. Either way, there would be some sort of shame involved.

With a telephone, or even better, emails and instant messages, communication can now be conducted in a non-personal manner. Electronic devices certainly don’t have feelings. And, if one perchance meets another in a public place, all one needs to do is lower ones head and turn the opposite direction.

It would be very interesting to see how others respond to this post.