My Intentions in Starting Raise or Praise

My Intentions in Starting Raise or Praise

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As this is the initial post on Raise or Praise, I wanted to express what some of my thoughts were in starting this series of blog posts.

Firstly, in this economy, I was debating whether or not it was even worth starting such a blog, for two reasons. One, with so many people out of work today, one must be grateful to even HAVE a job that pays money, no matter the amount and no matter the conditions. Second, I admit that I might be putting myself at risk, should my name go out, of potentially being sued by former clients and companies should their names go out, or possibly worse.

I nonetheless started this for the following reasons. One, even though so many are unemployed, that shouldn’t give employers license to overwork and underpay employees, and certainly not demoralize them in any manner. The same holds true for clients that are trying to “get a better deal” because they assume that the rough economy is on their side.

As for naming names, every effort will be made to avoid particular company names when citing examples or telling stories. That’s not the purpose. The purpose here is to extract insights from actual cases, simply referring clients/employers as “client/employer X.” That way all can learn some valuable lessons without hurting anyone.

I also am welcoming anyone who would wish to contribute to the blog with posts of his/her own. Please contact me on the Contact page and I would be happy to publish your posts, either under your name or anonymously.