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5 Elements of BYOD Training for Canadian Businesses

Mobile devices are a boon to business production and a risk to company security. A Dimension Data study showed that 75 percent of Canadian business leadership supported the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, but only 35 percent have an official BYOD policy to train employees and take advantage of the use of […]

Excel – How to Remove Multiple Hyperlinks by Using a Macro

excel_logoI’ve seen many other places on the internet where an item doesn’t show up, requires a plugin, or that the version of Microsoft Office isn’t compatible. This macro solution actually works.

Step 1. Press Alt + F11 to start the Visual Basic Editor.

Step 2. Double click the workbook you are using on the Project Explorer and type the following code:

Sub RemoveHyperlinks() 
End Sub

Step 3. Save your work. Note: if you’re using Excel 2007 or higher it may ask you to save the workbook as .xlsm. If this is only a one-time thing you should just save your workbook “as is.”

Step 4. Run the macro by pressing Alt + F8 or using the menu by View > Macros

Step 5. Select the macro you have made, it should have the name ‘RemoveHyperlinks’.

Google Chrome Browser – Change New Bing Tab Page

One thing that has been bothering me recently has been the Bing tab I’ve been getting in Chrome when hitting “New Tab.” Why I can’t modify what’s shown when hitting “new tab” defies my logic. I installed Chrome because I did not want to install Bing! However, I recently found the answer.  Apparently, when installing a […]

IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth – Infographic

If you are thinking about switching jobs, especially jobs in IT, this infographic is for you. According to’s research, IT jobs have been fueling the economy worldwide. And it will continue to do so in decades to come.

Staff-infograph_IT-jobs – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

How to Create Marketing Emails that Get Read

People do not like or want marketing emails. Even the people who sign up for them are not going to read them with the consistency that marketing company hope they will. You may spend hours working on your marketing email, but there is a chance that many of your mail list entries are going to […]

Most Amazing Ways to Raise Your RSS Feed Subscribers

The RSS feed subscribers apart from the RSS feeds are the best ways to make your website or blog very much user friendly. It helps your site or blog in different ways. Your readers or followers can monitor a number of updates coming on your website or blog and thus read the newly updated content […]

How to Protect Your Canadian Business from a Cyber Attack

More than a quarter of business owners in a variety of industries claimed they had been the victim of a cyber attack, according to a survey by Neustar. Rates of attacks differed across industries, with the telecom industry receiving the highest volume of attacks at 45 percent and the retail industry receiving the lowest volume […]

How to Disable Browser Cache in Chrome Using F12

Like many, I love using Google Chrome (even though I know that through that, Google essentially steals my personal info ). However, when launching a new website, or moving it over to another hosting, I notice that other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer will show the new hosting, while Chrome takes forever. I tried […]

What to Do When You Have No Internet – Set up Hotspots from Data Plans

Recently at my place of work the internet went completely down just as soon as a prospective client was coming in for a business meeting. Being that I work for an online marketing agency, no internet practically means the end of the world. I’m dead serious. So, what was one to do? After calling our internet […]

4 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

Sixty-one percent of Internet users across the globe research products and services online before purchasing anything, according to an Ipsos study published in April 2012. Whether you sell gourmet coffee or offer website building services, the business will only be as successful as its Internet presence. Having a website, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts, […]