Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Google Translate – “Let It Go” from Frozen according to Google Translate

Malinda Kathleen Reese recently had some fun and translated “Let it Go” from the hit Disney movie “Frozen” into 25 different languages, then used Google Translate to translate the song back. The result is hilarious.

The most noteworthy was “Let it go” was changed to “Give up,” as if the song is teaching you to just quit.

5 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

Google-AdsenseUndoubtedly, Google Adsense is one of the best ways of earning free money online via your site or blog. However, due to a number of reasons, many bloggers and Webmasters hate the Adsense program. The fact of the matter is, a good amount of bloggers embark with their blogs simply to make money online through Adsense. However, looking at the complications they experience while treading this path compel them to hate this program from the giant search engine. There are very few people who enjoy a steady income from this program, while the rest of us are seen struggling to get the approval from Google. Even though few who manage to get the approval see their accounts blocked at any point of time for no big reason. These are some of the key reasons, why more and more bloggers and Webmasters are seen hating Adsense a lot. Here are 5 key reasons why I as well as many other bloggers/Webmasters now strongly dislike Google Adsense :

The 12 Top IT Jobs That Will Fast Track Your Career

Searching for a new job can be daunting and frustrating at times. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many IT professionals. IT jobs are the leading edge of job growth, and are projected to grow more than twice as fast as the average of all occupations. This is reassuring news for those looking into IT careers, recent graduates, and those professionals looking to advance in their career.

Top 7 Ways and Tips to Get Ahead in Simpsons: Tapped Out

Image courtesy of imore.com

I practically grew up watching the Simpsons. The Simpsons fully aired when I was 7 years old, in 1990, after being seen as shorts on the Tracey Ullman show. While many of the newer episodes have become just plain stupid, there are occasionally some good ones.

When The Simpsons: Tapped Out came out on iPhone and Android, I was excited to download it for free. I forgave the games’ slow load time and occassional Origin account mishaps. I’ve been playing it a while and can say that it’s the perfect game or my hectic schedule: spend a few minutes a day, wait 24 hours to collect goodies, then repeat.

Is Lyris Breaking Promises?

Recently a web developer approached me with a complaint against Lyris. Lyris is a web software company offering a variety of services. One of their services is ListManager, an email list management/forum software running on MSSQL that allegedly has the ability to display forum postings. The developer was told by Lyris’s sales and support team […]

Tactics for Bloggers to Migrate Readers into Subscribers

When you will like to convert your readers into subscribers, then you have to get involved into every segment of the blog. The reason is that you have to participate wholeheartedly in this matter. Since, the total involvement is quite appreciable for your audiences. The reason is that they will able to convert themselves into […]

Business Team with Canada Internet Button

5 Elements of BYOD Training for Canadian Businesses

Mobile devices are a boon to business production and a risk to company security. A Dimension Data study showed that 75 percent of Canadian business leadership supported the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, but only 35 percent have an official BYOD policy to train employees and take advantage of the use of […]

Excel – How to Remove Multiple Hyperlinks by Using a Macro

excel_logoI’ve seen many other places on the internet where an item doesn’t show up, requires a plugin, or that the version of Microsoft Office isn’t compatible. This macro solution actually works.

Step 1. Press Alt + F11 to start the Visual Basic Editor.

Step 2. Double click the workbook you are using on the Project Explorer and type the following code:

Sub RemoveHyperlinks() 
End Sub

Step 3. Save your work. Note: if you’re using Excel 2007 or higher it may ask you to save the workbook as .xlsm. If this is only a one-time thing you should just save your workbook “as is.”

Step 4. Run the macro by pressing Alt + F8 or using the menu by View > Macros

Step 5. Select the macro you have made, it should have the name ‘RemoveHyperlinks’.

Google Chrome Browser – Change New Bing Tab Page

One thing that has been bothering me recently has been the Bing tab I’ve been getting in Chrome when hitting “New Tab.” Why I can’t modify what’s shown when hitting “new tab” defies my logic. I installed Chrome because I did not want to install Bing! However, I recently found the answer.  Apparently, when installing a […]

IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth – Infographic

If you are thinking about switching jobs, especially jobs in IT, this infographic is for you. According to staff.com’s research, IT jobs have been fueling the economy worldwide. And it will continue to do so in decades to come.


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