Big Disconnect: Kevin O’Leary Says 3.5 Billion People Living in Poverty is ‘Fantastic News’

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

I’m a bit conflicted here at “Uncle Kevin Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary’s comment here. Kevin O’Leary’s response to that the 85 richest people are worth the equivalent of 3.5 billion people living in poverty was that it’s “fantastic news.”

I initially was disgusted at the comment (still am) as it shows how seriously out-of-touch filthy rich people can be. It makes me sometimes be thankful that I need to struggle to pay bills as it “keeps me in check.”

On the other hand, he admitted at the end that he thought they were talking about rich people. Yes, it’s great that people can become as rich as they want to, but the fact is that there’s a disconnect between those that get rich and those that are so poor that they don’t even have socks to pull up to go to work. The comment Kevin made was a very self-centered one and demonstrates exactly how much empathy one has when being disconnected from reality for so long.

The day that bad stuff happens to him is they day he will (hopefully) show remorse, but he needs to be worthy of that wake-up call.

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2935I am thus reminded of the Jewish story between the Rabbi, the miser and the mirror. In short, the Rabbi visited the house of a miser (who originally was a poor Jew). The miser, knowing the Rabbi from when he was poorer, greeted him warmly. While inside, the Rabbi commented on the window outside, where there were poor people collecting for money. Inside, his mirror showed only himself, which was the result of the silver backing. The Rabbi suggested that the only difference between the mirror, showing himself, and the window, showing others, was the silver. He then suggested taking the silver off. The person got the message and, after hosting a party for both rich and poor people, scraped the silver backing off the mirror until it was as close to glass as possible. He then mended his ways and became more charitable.



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