Google Chrome Browser – How to Change New Bing Tab Page

One thing that has been bothering me recently has been the Bing tab I’ve been getting in Chrome when hitting “New Tab.” Why I can’t modify what’s shown when hitting “new tab” defies my logic. I installed Chrome because I did not want to install Bing!

However, I recently found the answer.  Apparently, when installing a program, I mistakenly allowed Conduit to install on my machine and hijack my browser’s search bars, home page and New Tab page. When I uninstalled “Conduit,” I forgot one detail: Under Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs) in the Control Panel there is a program called “Search Protect.” Uninstall that and when the option to “revert to original browser settings” appears, just select that. That should do it.

Remember, Conduit is most likely doing this. The little bugger comes in all shapes and forms :-)

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    Thanks Rafael for the tip, I was struggling for more than two hrs on this problem before I chanced upon your solution.

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  • fuck bing


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    Thank you so much. Your solution definitely needs a higher search ranking!

    • Rafi Hecht

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