How to Grab a Video from Facebook with Google Chrome


1. Go to the page where the video/comments are displayed.

2.Hit F11 on Windows (Command+Shift+I on a Mac, I think) to display the elements screen.

3. Go to the “Network” tab, then sort by “Type.”

4. Navigate to the bottom (or top) and look for “video/mp4.” If you don’t see it, refresh your browser page and then hit “play” on the video.

5. Once that’s done, go to the video/mp4 “file” on the left side and right-click “open link in new tab” (see screenshot).


6. Once the link is opened in a new tab, hit CTRL+S and save the video. You have it!



I’ve already done this with a hilarious video where a father is playing “mission impossible” with his baby. This has been embedded into the post. Enjoy!

[jwplayer mediaid=”2094″]



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