Curtis/Proscan Products – RJH Solutions Doesn’t Provide Technical Support For Them

PLT1044_medOver the last few weeks I have been asked via phone calls and emails with requests for advice on how to support a Curtis/Proscan tablet that doesn’t work for some reason, based on my website being linked to mine. I want to set the record straight: RJH Solutions does not provide technical support on products made or distributed by Curtis/ProScan (sorry).

Since Curtis/Proscan is generally a wholesaler and you likely have gotten it from a 3rd-party chain if you are reading this post, my advice is that you would need to contact either the store where you purchased the item from, or the manufacturer itself.

If that didn’t work, search for your tablet on ProScan’s website to find downloads related to warranty and manuals. If that’s not available, try contacting ProScan support. They really do help.

If it’s something else that’s Android related, if RJH solutions doesn’t have a solution (yet), Google it – seriously. RJH Solutions will provide a few technical specs on how to maneuver around Android on a Proscan tablet device, but if the screen is defective, for example, that’s unfortunately something we cannot support. Our apologies and best of luck to your device getting repaired or replaced.

That having been said, RJH Solutions wishes you a happy, successful new year!



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