Groupon Clone Software Reviews – I Am Accepting Guest Posts

A number of people have reviewed my past Groupon Clone posts and have for the most part given me lots of positive feedback. Most of the reviews written were based on softwares I’ve personally tested out from January through March, 2011. Since then, many other Groupon software clones have come out and, as a result, others have requested that I write on those.

Among those requested which I have not written about were:

Simply put, lately I have not had much time lately to look into additional Groupon clones, as they are so many out there right now. What I am doing now, however, is accepting guest posts. If you feel that a piece of software was not reviewed, please email me a Groupon clone software review, along with the following information:
  1. An intelligent analysis of the software
  2. An intelligent analysis of the support
  3. Pricing options, and
  4. A brief description of who you are and/or your website portfolio
Once that’s done I will be more than happy to post your comments, as I am a firm believer in the spreading of free information to all.



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