I have become SNL’s Nick Burns the Computer Guy!!!!!

Many of the older generation in the IT field remember comedian Jimmy Fallon when he was on Saturday Night Live (SNL). One of the skits he played was as Nick Burns the Computer Guy. Here are some clips:

You’re Welcome

Nick Burns with Jennifer Aniston

Snl – Nick Burns With Jennifer Aniston – Your Companys Computer Guy from Steve on Vimeo.

Nick Burns with Jackie Chan

Snl – Your Company Computer Guy – Nick Burns And Jackie Chan from Steve on Vimeo.

As hilarious as the skit is, sadly, I feel like I have become the very person I’ve dreaded becoming – Nick Burns, for two reasons:

  • I have been put under lots of stress from many different angles, not just IT.
  • Not only that, but when there are tight deadlines, I’ve displayed little patience for people who don’t get it the first 100 times. Some people just don’t get it, and some just like to have their hand held without first searching Google – you become their Google for everything so they don’t have to work so hard. It’s frustrating when projects needed to be done 2 weeks ago, you’re putting in 150% effort, and someone needs help for the 101st time for creating a hyperlink and meta tags after explaining and even diagramming it multiple times.
  • If no tight deadlines needed to be met, I could train with ease, but that’s not the case.



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  • Guest

    I just saw the Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Fox skits today, it was so funny.  I found the skits so funny because all of my friends are just like Nick Burns. 

    • Yup. I actually used to do IT support and found myself in similar situations. The problem I find is that IT people are rarely thanked enough. Also, support is just that – support. Maintenance, not improvement. And it’s hard for managers to quantify IT supports’ value in dollar numbers. Also, hours are long and it’s very high-stress. These make the people working in that field grouchy and unhappy.

      I remember one incident where I was interning at a certain non-profit organization, and someone who used to work in IT publicly berated me in front of the entire floor. Perhaps that person saw a young shneck doing what he used to do and he didn’t see a future for himself. Apparently I wasn’t the only casualty and shortly afterward the organization let this person go.These videos are funny only because in some cases these incidents are so true and hit close to home..